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NW Daily kill 10 with finishers bugs

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Ivara - Eprime- 

Assasinated 2 - progress shown

third enemy - 0/10

fourth 1/10

fifth 0/10

then it started working for the next 10 and challenge completed/points awarded.  Thought after the first few resets it had to be 10 in a row, but tested around the 8th and killed a few without finishers and it kept the progress.  so I guess maths iz just hard and Nora kept losing track of her fingers.

then did eidolon hunt - noticed it said "NW challenge kill 0/10 enemies with finishers when I was heading back to the doors.

returned to ship - and sure enough, it wasn't marked as complete.

back to eprime

assassinated another 10 showing progress the whole time. and on the 10th, Nora again says "job well done and here have another 1000 points".  (of course she couldn't add any better with those points than she could with the first few assassinations - I suppose if she had a hard time counting to 10, adding 1000 would prove nigh on impossible - so no, I did not get the 1000 points twice. But at least this time she marked it as complete.



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Just now, (XB1)Togashi said:

The update coming today should hopefully fix some of the night wave progression issues. 

I used Ash with blade storm and didn't have any issues. 

That being said though, there are times that I have been playing Ivara and finishers do not register correctly. 


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