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[AU/NZ][PC] Shadows of the Aether - casual clan for casual players


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As title - keeping it simple since if you want this sort of clan you probably don't want the glitter

A quiet home for PC platform Australian and New Zealand players - most of our members are largely solo players, leader is online most nights if help is ever needed, but our main rule is be polite if you want to play (we do play together, its just not our primary purpose, our core crew is often in-game most nights), inactive player policy is reasonably lenient, if notified in advance. Very little else to say, recruitment is mainly open for the betterment of our little niche AU/NZ community.

Clan research is current, we've been around under one name or another since the early days.

PM Alymbic in-game or on discord (Alymbic#0287)

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