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What Is The Cause Of Embedded Videos Not Showing?



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Are you using Firefox?  If so, there should be a little shield icon to the left of your url bar.  Click the shield and select to unblock content on that page (this only shows up on pages with embedded videos, btw).  That should fix it.  Note, you'll have to reapply this every time you visit a page.

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Firefox (and other browsers that are WebKit and better than Chrome) will not display insecure http content on secure https pages.


Firefox implemented this in Rev. 23, IE9 and higher have this feature as well. If you click the "shield" icon in Firefox to the left of the address, it will allow this content.



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I suffer from this issue as well, however my Firefox does not display a shield icon there.

Same. My Firefox displays a lock icon next to the address, not a shield, and when I click it there is no option to allow content.


Edit: derp I'm a moron the shield only pops up on pages where videos are embedded, which in this thread they are not.

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Firefox seems to have problems yeah (i'm using it too)


btw you can choose 2 TAGS to embed video: [.youtube][./youtube] or [.media][./media]


(remove dots ofc)

+rep for the educational input.


Which for some reason I cannot get to work now!


While I remember it used to work  I cannot get it to embed at all now!


Neither youtube, media nor the "old embed" option recommended from my YouTube page.


Think I'm just going to have to get one of my younger more patient Clannie's to bang out the

whole scripting in a word pad file I can copy/pasta.


Thanks anyways.


Life's getting too short to re-learn how to do everything "easier" every few months or so!



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