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Drakk Master deletes your guns


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I had this over 8 times now. Usually if you're client (not host) and a drakk master disarms you, you will lose that weapon for the rest of the mission if

  1. You blasted the drakk master off its feet, or
  2. You kill the drakk master mid disarm, or
  3. You ragdoll the drakk master during disarm
  4. you have bad luck

The weapon will either

  1. Spawn in the air where you cant press X to even pick it up, nor F to pay respect
  2. The drakk master outright deletes it and you're stuck with melee, or archgun
  3. the drakk master drops it on the ground, but pressing X on it does nothing
  4. Other players including host sees it, but you as client do not and hence cannot pick it up either


  • Spawns on the ground every time like an ayatan with gravity
  • Drop the weapon on the drakk master BEFORE it gets removed from your hand instead of appearing 2 seconds later
  • Let me pick it up by touch rather than press X every time
  • If I die, spawn me back in with my guns (and because this fixes many bugs, give us /die alongside our /unstuck)
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