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  1. And what if I want to choose 20 of them simultaneosly? BTW, also want this button.
  2. If you could record video it might be easier to understand what happened, but I suggest you was killed by splash damage from ricocheting cluster bombs because of absence of shield.
  3. BTW people was asking about that more than year ago...
  4. But you can use Escape button to do the same without interacting directly with modules or not?
  5. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/70-технический-форум/
  6. I never used again elevator in Lephantis mission after I found out you could fly through the gap in ceiling after second phase. Easy with Wukong, Titania or just operator only.
  7. @Notabledrake Can you show as screenshot of your inventory with search by "tenet"?
  8. You need to contact with support if you think it's not your fault. Only them could return it you. Otherwise I would suggest checking Simaris offerings. Probably there are Zoris blueprint and parts for 100k and 15k reputation each part respectively.
  9. @Blighthero1 Have you completed the third phase of Profit-Taker Orb Heist, as it said on wiki? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Archgun_Deployer
  10. У тебя есть непрокачанный предазит? Это бага, его непрокачанность мешает поляризовать вульпафилу. Скриншоты с твоего рабочего стола никто не видит, их нужно заливать на сайт хостинг изображений, и с него кидать в сообщение. И если пользуешься общим, а не русским подфорумом, пиши чисто на английском, или пиши сообщение в русский подфорум, там всегда есть кто-нибудь.
  11. parabashka

    Trade bug

    Yes, you can trade only blueprint, not crafted version.
  12. Do you have another primary weapon beside Boltor? If not, game won't alllow you to destroy your only primary weapon. So to craft Boltace you first need to craft or buy another primary weapon otherwise you won't be able to craft Boltace.
  13. You need to be closer to each other. This bug actually should say that you both are too far away from each other to trade. Try to get closer and trade will work.
  14. If it Deimos, it happens sometimes.
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