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Railjack causing problems with PS4 controller. (and other stuff)


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So you know that feeling when you want something really bad, and then you get it? yeah well this is that feeling except that the thing that you wanted is broken.

I have to have one hand on my keyboard and my other grasping my controller since railjack f**ked the control scheme that was barely working in the first place, one of the biggest problems is the fact that now after railjack has been released then suddenly i can't "blink" anymore without having to do what i mentioned above, wich is not something you want to do in a combat area, since y'know it's gonna get you killed.

another issue (that's not linked to using a controller) is the absurd amount of damage that the new railjack exclusive enemies deal, i have just about 1k health on my itzal and i get 1-shot by a LVL 1 enemy (of course this is an exaggeration) and then there is the speed of wich the enemies move, why do i need do i need a maxed [hyperion thrusters] just to keep up!? it's (again) absurd that these supposedly "easy" areas around EARTH (F**KING EARTH) is infested with enemies that can (more-or-less) 1-shot you (again this is slightly exaggerated, but only slightly).

What are even supposed to use a rip-off grappel-hook for in space? how about giving itzal some love instead of NER*ahem* RE-WORKS, i've never seen nor heard of anyone using the new 1st ability on the itzal for anything other than the meme, so why not give itzal back it's blik ability but slightly better than the knock-off version that the other arch-wings have? or just give a new ability, y'know something ACTUALLY USEFULL.

All in all i'm super salty about some of the things that has been intrudused and honsetly i think railjack may be a bit too difficult when you consider that most normal arch-wing enemies barely do any damage and have barely any health, and you should also take the control scheme for arch-wing into consideration, since (at least in my opinion) it's much worse than what we had before.


Thanks for reading and being able to stand my mountain of salt, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter.

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