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The Atomos is Figuratively Unplayable™; the weapon's model covers your crosshair.


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Repost of https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1034962-the-atomos-is-figuratively-unplayable™-the-weapons-model-covers-your-crosshair/


This may seem like a petty thing to some, but its honestly the reason why I can't stand to use the Atomos by itself despite it being one of my favorite weapons.


Here's a gif:


And then some images from the last (as in last last) time I reported this bug.

Firing, not aiming.




Walking while firing or aiming - both result in a full obstruction of the crosshair.



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Am 14.12.2019 um 19:03 schrieb (NSW)Badger:

Maybe this is why the range mod splits it to other targets, because you can't see a darn thing. 

Atomos has the "chain" build in and the range mod doesnt affect the chains anymore

And yes, you cant rely at the crosshair, you have to get a feeling where to aim...but i have to say...i love atomos for just spray and pray ... cause that is what they want us to do...after reducing the zoom from 2,2 to 1,2 ... u cant aim for something proper to be honest


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