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Railjack emergency extraction.


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Since Railjack is new, it's buggy sometime (which is normal when big content like that drop so fast) and you probably experienced some issue that prevented you and your crew to end a mission. It could being stuck inside a ship, a door not opening or that kind of stuff.

The idea here is to add an "emergency extraction" option to end a mission without completing the objective at a certain cost. The bug that prevented some missions to end was the main thing that bring this idea to my mind but it could also allow to be used as way to exit hard missions and farm for loots on missions above your level if you manage it well (which could be a problem). To avoid abusive use of the option it could have the following restrictions :

  • Being a consumable with a cost, which discourage use unless you have no other choices to exctact.
  • Recover only 50% of the resources earned (but 100% of the avionics and ship parts)
  • A limited amount of use per day or a 1-2h cooldown for reuse.
  • Not usable at all on missions you haven't finished yet, to avoid farming above your level.

Maybe restrictions are not necessary and it should just be a button since, you already don't get the mission reward by doing this, but I feel there would be some way of exploiting it if there weren't

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