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Return to Dojo from Railjack Nav Crashes the Game


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Spent 45 minutes clearing one mission and picking up all the resulting loot. Everyone gets back in the ship, Captain hits return to Dojo, and nothing. The navigation console deactivates, he cant interact with it again, and we're just stuck sitting there. He decides to take one for the team and try to leave so it host migrates and we can try again. The game white-screen freezes and crashes.

New Mods
1k Dirac
Gallos, Kesslers, Nullstones
1.2k Titanium and 1.4k Diodes
Shields and a Carcinox and over a dozen mods I didn't even have time to take a pic of.
Other than the shields and the Carcinox, all of it's gone. All the mats, mods, dirac and intrincis xp. Poof. Into the ether.

Got a code WAR-2606985 in the crash report. Apparently this has been happening to a lot of people. There's no point in running a mission type that takes almost an hour to complete if it's just going to crash anyway.

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