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Crewship in dojo bug.


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Aright so I came back to my drydock after a normal Railjack mission when I noticed a enemy ship marker on my UI. When I decided to investigate I was greeted with a Crewship blocking the way in my Dojo.

When I tried to approach it from the front its hitbox would prevent me from getting to close to it. however I was still able to damage it with bullet-jumps. 
Then I took a teleporter to see it from the back but when I got to close It would suck me in through the ship and put me out of bounds in front of it. 

I have no idea what could have triggered this bug. But I must say it was quite hilarious.





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This just happened to me as well! Two crewships infact!

I was sort of able to approach them and even get inside, there were no grineer inside, and the ships appeared docile, though they did move around outside the walls of the dojo.

Here's an imgur album with annotated screenshots describing the details: https://imgur.com/a/3xaVWyD

Ironically, this happened right after a match that required the host to leave (triggering a host migration) because crewships stopped spawning causing the objective to not be completable. (but that's a whole other can of worms).

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I just had this happen as well! This occurred right after finishing a railjack mission and returning to the dojo. Funniest bug I've ever had in Warframe.

The crewship appeared in my Dry Dock, within firing range of my Railjack:


Within about a minute, it had caused a catastrophic hull breach:


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Me too... Can i KEEP it?! =D ... Happened when someone sent us back to dry dock while in combat after mission objectives completed. I was also on the forge and got stuck there unable to move or access any menus except chat box for a few minutes and when I left my Railjack I found this floating there. wont let me get close to it either. Pushes me away. Also apparently have my weapon out. It is still trying to shoot my Railjack and I can take damage from it. Very interesting!


Faror02. Bro, activate windows.


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