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Prime Access Accessory Pack, Select Your Boosters


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    RealBoyMossToday at 13:09

    Hello I’ve been playing warframe for many years along with several friends and really have enjoyed the game through all of its changes. I have achieved the highest current Mastery Rank of 28. I’m sure you are wondering why that matters. Well myself and along with the group of people I play with all love the prime access accessories when a new warframe comes out its nice to see these beautiful primes armor pieces, Syandanas, skins, and Ephemeras. We want to buy them however we are hesitant. Why? Well the issue isn’t the cost we love to continue to support D.E. The issue is the 90 day affinity and 90 day credit boosters that come with the pack. Now for some that’s a great deal and it is however some people no longer have a need for an affinity booster or a credit booster. It feels like a waste to buy the pack because you don’t get to utilize the boosters. 

    I have come with a suggestion in mind that may spark an idea. I would like to recommend in the accessory Pack giving the option of choosing boosters. The player could be given (6) redeemable “tokens” to use in the market for a 30 day booster this would still be the same value as in the original pack. Doing this would open up potential to sell more prime access accessory packs to your long term players that no longer have the need for affinity and credit boosters. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this over

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