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[QoL IDEA] Add Simulacrum fast travel in arsenal


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That's the whole idea, i often go to the arsenal and think "Man, i wish i could try this loadout rn", but you have to go the a relay and then to simaris.

Ok it's not the hardest thing to do, but why not add a button on the arsenal screen so you can quickly go and test your equipment in the simulacrum (obviously requiring the key to work).

A low-quality representation of what i mean:


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I just bought my key and had this thought as well. I think I would put it as a separate node to interact with. Or even just add it as a point in navigation, similar to how you can enter Sanctuary Onslaught from the Orbiter. Alternatively, an Orbiter gadget like the Ludoplex that you can buy and use to travel.

17 hours ago, peterc3 said:

Suggest an equally attractive draw to the Relays, then.

The Void Trader. Also, I always go to deal with Syndicates, or get Simaris bounties, and do Mastery tests.

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