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solution to remove and punish AFK players/lazy players


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step 1. add an AFK timer that automatically kicks inactive players from missions

step 2. have an automated system that automatically punishes players who are inactive in missions.

step 3. add to the system the ability for the squad leader to kick players out of the squad.

step 4. make the system check players movement, if players are standing still constantly and not attacking and they arent helping to complete the mission requirement then they should be punished.

step 5. punishments

 first 3 times being afk should be a warning

4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th time a low priority queue that puts afk players at the end of the line in queues for missions, an example is an afk player has to queue for at least 2 minutes before being put in a squad

10th time the afk player is unable to join public railjack,index missions for 5 missions

11th time-50th time 5-15 minute queue delay, low priority (bottom of the list) and unable to join assassiniation missions, index,railjack public queues for at least 20 missions

51st time-100th time being caught afk, 1 hour ban-30 day tempban etc from public queues

101 time being afk in missions, 3 month ban from public queues

102nd time being afk 6 month ban from public queues

103rd time permadent ban from public queues

the afk mission count can be reversed by playing actively in missions with other players at a certain ratio example being 2 missions of actually playing gives you 1 afk count removed.

if a player needs to afk then they should leave the mission, afking punishment should only affect people in public queues and not people who are solo or playing invite only with friends.

people who tend to afk missions over and over and a major problem in missions and they really dont contribute anything of value in missions, also spamming abilities is one spot shouldnt count towards being active that should be considered afk/ not contributing etc

simular systems are used in other multiplayer games such as League of legends, vainglory the afk punishment system is commonly used in Mobas or team based multiplayer where an afk player ruins the game for everyone, i get that there are genuine reasons why you might need to step away from the computer which is why the afk detector would forgive the first couple of times being afk, but if your afk for 100+ missions then its how you play the game and in my opinion you contribute nothing to your team.

the times for punishments would probably need to be adjusted but a system like this is very important especially when you have missions like railjack where you are literally screwed if multiple players are lazy or afk

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I don't see your hang up with other players not helping. Everyone enjoys the game differently than you do. You're surely strong enough to complete the mission by yourself, or with the help of the other players that aren't helping.

There is an afk timer that activates after a set time and they will receive no mission rewards after a time.

But punishing people? That's a pretty big thing to start doing in a PVE game you know? You're mentioning LoL as your reference for punishment system which is a PvP game.

I know it doesn't make players happy having someone doing nothing, though it's never bothered me any because any mission I see any leechers or afkers in, are never important missions I cannot do alone. I could understand if you're playing the new mode: Railjack and you're needing help but, the chances are low you'll find anyone doing nothing there.

I can only assume your actual beef is with players you're finding in ESO/SO, and places like Hydron where you're just leveling anyway. Or index.

Ultimately, it's a big fat no. Not a good idea.

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I must be lucky, I rarely run across an AFK player.

But then I also don't tend to care in regular mission types.  I can see where people could be upset for things like Railjack missions.

Due to bugs or lag maybe I've had the game refuse to give me any rewards before.  When I've been running around the map like crazy and accounting for over 50% of the group damage even.  So I'd be inclined to agree with @Alcatraz that punishment might not be such a great idea because bugs happen.

I do agree with other people that have been pushing for a vote kick system, that could be handy.

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