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Please Fix Dojo Decorating


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My 2 main big issues are: Decorations turning red, and not allowing you to place them in certain locations. When it comes to the doors I can kind of understand it, you don't want dojo decorators being able to gate keep certain rooms from other members. But they'd be able to do that anyways, they'd just need to build a larger box around the door, so that point is completely moot anyways, just remove the inability to place objects near doors and intractable objects entirely. On top of them being pointless, all of these existing hit boxes that cause this are broken, sized inconsistently with no logic, and are varyingly strict about how close you can place something to them depending on what it is. They make no sense and they should just be removed.

The second thing is not being able to clip the anchor point of a decoration you're placing, into another decoration, or through walls. Clipping decorations together is really the best way to make complex and pretty decorations in your dojo. You can usually manage this with some finesse, sliding objects along tight slopes, carefully placing objects on a surface in just the right way that the anchor ends up inside of something, or messing with grid snapping to trick the anchor into clipping inside something. Even more annoyingly the stubbornness of these hit boxes seems to change depending on if the item is un-funded, funded, or complete. We shouldn't have to fight the system to place things where we want. The game allows us to select objects through walls, and we have a method of going out of bounds ourselves via a transporter (please do not remove this, in fact actually adding a noclip mode would be fantastically helpful) so it's not like being able to place stuff out of bounds is an issue.


Here's an image of my current frustration. I want to copy what I did on the left, to the right empty wall. But the cancellation hit box of the door below it is astronomically bigger than the other doors for no reason, and not only that, seemingly changes in size and shape at random every time the dojo loads. and to prove my second point, A large quantity of things in the structure on the left have their anchor point clipping into other objects. It's one of my favorite things I've built in my dojo.

One minor annoyance I have is that moving, copying, or sometimes just selecting decorations will, for no reason, rotate or shift them slightly out of grid alignment. You can work around this by limiting your interactions with objects, being careful to place them where you want them to be the first time, and placing new objects instead of copying existing ones. But this really shouldn't be an issue.

TLDR: Please completely remove restrictions on where we can and can't place decorations, it serves no real purpose outside of stifling our creativity.

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On 2019-12-19 at 4:15 AM, PollexMessier said:

My 2 main big issues are: Decorations turning red, and not allowing you to place them in certain locations....

you didn't even mention how bad and broken the placement tools are.

using constrained movement depending on which way you are looking, you can go mad moving your mouse in any direction but the object you are trying to place will not move an inch.

1. Movement should always work no matter which direction you are looking at and no matter how close to the object you are, right now I am incapable of accurately placing down objects because if I move too close, constraint movement stops working

2. Give the Scale Up&Down buttons a function while in constraint movement, let them add/subtract one dot for each press

3. Add object info(toggle) into an editable window: double/float values for all rotations, translations and transformations, so we can fast and easily change these values without having to spend hours to get the right angle or position
Right now sometimes an object will be rotated 0.1 degree and it is practically impossible to rotate this back to 0.0000 unless messing around with billboard facing which is just tedious

If DE would like an example 3D application of how it should work, feel free to contact me to, I made it in a startup of a 3D engine I was building years ago

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