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Teaming up with clanmates for railjack doesn't work half the time.


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I don't know how this supposed to work and whether or not me not having my railjack yet has anything to do with it, so sorry for this report being a bit muddled, but that's how it looks:

A clanmate invites me and others to the dojo, we assemble there, I can't board the railjack, even when I see theirs in the dojo (sometimes I see only empty dock, or my incomplete railjack there) all the consoles are locked out.

When the leader starts the game, about half the time I'm whisked aboard the railjack, and everything works, other times I'm just left stranded in the dojo, while the rest of the team is proceeding normally. Leaving and then being re-invited from aboard the railjack works, but only if the game isn't set to public, as usually my slot is insta-filled.


I have railjack assembly as my current quest, a rather slow PC, and honestly can't think of anything else pertinent we're doing right/wrong. (Maybe, it depends on who's the host, etc...)

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