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Another thread about Titania, from a (Previously) Titania main


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Why hasn't Titania's Razorwing either been reverted to it's original (pre-Old Blood) state, or at the very least been given the Afterburner changes that Archwings recieved in the Empyrean update?

Why must you continue to screw over my favourite frame, DE?

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That is my exact thoughts on this more or less, i know for a fact for me and probably many more prefered her old control scheme, but i must admit that the new archwing controlls/afterburner changes brought in with empyrean did fix my qualms about archwing its self at least but to me did make the flight animations look way out of wack to me aesthetically wise, and i must admit the new archwing control's remind me of titania's old flight system thus do make me wonder that if de did copy paste current archwing control's to titania's it would likely fix my problems with titania's current flight so long as 1, flight speed wasnt still its current ludicrous speed OR contained A and or the ability to keybind afterburner(assuming titania wont get universalblink then maybe the current blink binding spot eg LB tap to burn maybe?) for titania thus getting the best of both worlds for those who can handle the speed as i know of at least 1 person who can handle and does like the added speed. 2 her old "sprint" animations are restored(for me swinging movement side to side sprayed bullets over a wide area for me when needed well in say for mowing groups down faster or in the occasional laggy match) and 3, ABOVE ALMOST ALL ELSE, REMOVE THE CAMERA SWAY/MOTION SICKNESS INDUCING EFFECT'S, they hamper my ability to play titania almost as much as the flight controls, that sums up my thoughts and i hope someone ends up doing it or something very similar regardless of if this is even read, i wish to get back to titania as soon as i can, she is(/was for the current time being) my main with over 43% (approx 385hrs) use.

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