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Railjack: Components and Armaments


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Just the ability to remove resources that you've sunk into a railjack component or armament that is still in the middle of repairing. It is absolutely annoying to have an engine or a gun at 50% and then get one that is better and have all your resources that are currently dumped into the one that you have to finish first to try to then scrap for its resources in order to build the better one. The railjack is literally our own, not a clan ship, so the resources are already just coming from us. Returning them to us and setting a build back to 0% from even 99% doesn't seem that hard of a concept. It ends up just feeling like a cash grab for the auto-builders. I get it. DE needs to make their money too, but it becomes so irritating when OCD kicks in and you got 4 or 5 components or guns crafting at a time because better ones come along and now you have to start from scratch, AGAIN.

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I have to agree the entire system is so nackwards that it seens like the optimal strategy is.

Ignore your own rail jack

Pigback on missions doing your best to get intrinsicks 

Go to veil

Farm tier 3 parts 

Farm or buy plat ( either way is faster them getting the resources the " right" way , even at a minimum wage job your progression is faster )

Pimp your rail jack to tier 3.

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