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Interior tile resource sharing please


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Can we please jsut make the resources inside places in RJ share to teammates also? When it comes to wanting to farm out certain things like the Gargantuan amount of pustrels/trachons you need for almost everything, yet someone who Objective rushes locks everyone else out of the galleon etc when they leave, locking people who want to pick up the rather large amount of stuff that drops within those ships due to selfish intentions

if it was shared or the place didnt lock after objective completion then at least those brave brave heroes that abandon your ship to go die solo inside objective tiles can be moderately useful, instead of atm just leaving 3 people to fight all 90 fighters etc a man down.

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10 hours ago, ciTiger said:


How hard can it be to do something people asking everyday countless rimes since release.

Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but they have stated they are working on it. So clearly it isn't as simple as you think.

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