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How about a customizable HUD?


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More specifically, I wish icons for active abilities were displayed below the crosshair with their remaining duration. It's kinda awkward when you're playing Loki, for example, and your Invisibility runs out while you're aiming at a group of enemies because you forgot to check the bottom right corner of the screen. Or when I played Trinity back in the day, I always wanted my squad's status to be closer to the center of the screen and thus closer to my focused field of view. Surely others would have use cases as well. So being able to rearrange HUD elements (and maybe saving a layout as part of a loadout?) would be nice

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I miss that from my days playing WoW:WotLK...
Addons, customizable UI (sounds included) and Lua macros. Ofcourse, sensible restrictions applied.

If they allowed that in-game, they'd be able to check most used functionality and UI layouts. It would be more valuable feedback than the Forums and the testing staff combined. ... At least in the UI department.

(bind as gear piece)
#seticon Fosfor Rahd
/use Fosfor Rahd
/in 110 say "Fosfor Rahd expiring in 10s. Deploy another."

drag the timers and item counts onto your HUD wherever you want and how big you want:
Archgun, Cyphers, Lander ability, Clem, Apothics, Dragon Keys...

Specific buffs you want to focus on, even if they're from another squad member:
Chroma's damage buff, Harrow's crit chance, Trinity's damage reduction,... All of them can affect my behaviour if I suddenly get the buff. It's hard to keep track of important ones in the mess on the top-right corner.

Edit: check ths out: Check this out: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/tellmewhen

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