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  1. i was wondering if there's something that i'm missing here. good to know it's not just me. you come to a body of water, catch whatever might be there already, throw out bait and then... nothing. fish just doesnt spawn. you get like a fish per 2 or 3 minutes, it feels like. if at all
  2. Scintillant rates still feel off... it's meant to be a common drop from T2 bounties, but feels a lot like a rare
  3. Thaumica is frustratingly rare. i even looked up where to get it because i began doubting that it's a mining yield. i went digging for 45 minutes and got ! 8 ! pieces of Thaumica. please, guys. mining isn't fun, it's a slow chore. don't make us run around for hours to get enough of the obscenely rare ores
  4. why is conservation so worthless compared to the Plains and Vallis? i find bounties extremely boring and repetitive, so i used animal conservation to grind through Ostron and Solaris, but thanks to the silly token system (which is a needless abstraction layer and was advertised as a workaroud to an issue that exists by design) it feels like animal conservation for Entrati is just not worth the time and effort. i need to save like 7 animals (particular ones at that) for a single 500 standing token. why? edit: nvm i hate conservation on Deimos. there's too much foliage to see anything. als
  5. i've been having the same issue since The Steel Path update or so. first it was only on the Steel Path, but since one or two days ago i've been unable to join regular nodes as well. it either does nothing at all or i get the infinite loading screen. are you connecting through a VPN? disconnecting from mine fixes matchmaking for me... hard to tell who made the breaking change, Warframe or the VPN provider
  6. i anticipate extreme balancing issues... good luck
  7. is it a known issue that matchmaking on the Steel Path is broken? i finished two planets and only once have i been able to join an open squad. otherwise i get stuck on an infinite loading screen. curiously, a way to "fix" it for one mission is by force quitting the game, logging back in and accepting the reconnect, which will work. for sanity check, i tried multiple regular missions and had no problems with matchmaking
  8. nice, it was super annoying to run after and revive my pet every wave
  9. i'm glad i sold my Kuva Bramma riven two days ago :DD (how do i prevent this from inserting an emoji) personally i'm not mad about this nerf at all. the Kuva Bramma was a supremely powerful weapon, even stronger than the pre-nerf Catchmoon. however, i would like to see buffs to all the forgotten mastery fodder-tier weapons for a change
  10. that's how it behaves on a sidearm as well, though. rather than fire rate, its range is modified
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