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  1. thanks for the uncomplicated remedy, gift has been acquired
  2. i have not, thanks for the suggestion. i disabled it for now, will see if it helps next time there's a large update
  3. trust me, it is a bandwidth issue. it's the only time that happens. i'm on a 120 Mbps line and large Warframe updates take up all of it, so the Twitch player starts buffering and eventually throws a network error message and stops working even after a refresh or restarting the browser. perhaps other browsers behave differently, i don't know. but that's kinda besides the point anyway. my point is just, there are reasons why you might want to limit the launcher's bandwidth allocation and it shouldn't be that hard for the devs to add that feature, i imagine
  4. Could y'all please put a bandwidth limiter option into the launcher? Everytime there's a large update it eats up all the bandwidth available to me and screws up my browser (precisely, the Twitch window i usually have open) to the point where i have to restart my PC to fix it
  5. man i hope we get non-Railjack content soon... i'm so tired of Railjack. if only you had given Archwings the same content treatment back then instead of essentially scrapping the concept
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