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Archwing Host Migration and transisioning/loading bug


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When you get a host migration during an archwing mission you lose the ability to use your archgun and it also any experience gain with the archgun vanishes along with the gun.

Was doing interception missions at Caelus - unranus. was at 3 missions and when going to the 4th the other party member decided to not continue.

The host migrated to me, however I spawned with my normal warframe weapons.and only the archmelee weapon available.

I completed the missions still and finished at the 4th round, however on the final summary screen it only showed my normal warframe weapons and my arch melee weapon, the archgun I was levelling was missing (using the Cygnas). So all the exp I had earned was gone (was at rank 8 in the mission) and when going back to the weapons selection screen it showed that the weapon was unranked again.

Now this loosing the archgun happens in railjack a lot when going between from a ship or base and into space especially any ship but the railjack (still happens with the railjjack), however in the railjack you can get it back by reboarding the railjack and exiting again (it returns after 1 or 2 attempts most of the time).

You also lose your archgun if using the slingshot on the railjack and don't hit a crew ship (hit anything else or hit nothing and you lose the archgun).

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