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I've had this bug ever since the drop of Melee 2.0. I don't know if any other Frames have had bugs before or since, but this one bothers me. Whenever I use Excalibur and perform a slide attack with the exalted blade, he immediately uses the Radial Blind ability. This is annoying as I'm already draining energy by using my Exalted Blade, and if I do the slide attack when there are only one or two enemies, it's pointless to have the ability to go off when there aren't any enemies nearby. I would simply like to have this bug fixed so that I no longer have to worry about this issue, and if possible, i think that Frames doing a slide attack should automatically stand up after that attack is completed. Just a thought.

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That isn't a bug, but it's not good, either.
It's full cost for reduced range.. =/
He just does that. ...I see him as practice for players who need remedial assistance in breaking their spin to win addiction.

Another Excal bug:
If Excalibur Umbra does a finisher while the shouting sound from his Radial Blind is playing,
the sound plays 2-3 more times. This is near perfectly repeatable.
Cast Radial Blind next to an enemy, immediately do a finisher, "BAAAAHH-BAAAAHHHH-BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"
Nearly every single time.

Would love to know if that happens for you guys on Xbox and other systems.

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