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Gokstad Officers are immune to any form of Armor Reduction


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For reference, Gokstad Officers are Grineer identical to Heavy Gunners that command a Crewship, wielding a Karak Wraith (one of the few enemies using a weapon variant such as the Sentient Research Director using a Supra Vandal) and summoning Kosma Roller Sentries.

Below are images of me shooting my Vectis Prime of the same build against the Officers with and without a Corrosive proc, followed by Corrosive Projection and no Corrosive Projection.

Without Corrosive Projection:

With Corrosive Projection:

Additional testing showed that even Shattering Impact and even the new Heat procs do not reduce their Armor at all. I did not test Kavat's Sharpened Claws or any other Augments that reduce Armor.

While you can just go for a Viral/Hunters Munition build, that still does not excuse how overtuned these Grineer are, with health and armor values surpassing Napalms with damage higher than even the Elite Terra Corpus.

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