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  1. Duality52

    Revenant's Thralls Still Need Ally Damage Immunity

    Since the Thralls no longer stall Defense waves (they should fix friendly units that spawn such as the Osprey from the Corpus Tech that holds up the wave), here is something I would like to add on to the friendly fire immunity: Make Revenant the only one capable of damaging the Thralls (separate between other Revenants). Additionally, convert any allied damage into more damage for both the Thralls & their pillars upon death while also increasing the amount of overshields they drop when killed by Danse Macabre.
  2. Duality52

    I have an issue with the Paracesis sword that gave ballas

    @zombakias_p you'll also need to tag your post with a "Spoilers" tag. The sword is part of a story quest.
  3. After the Chimera Update, I couldn't help it but to notice that there's a longer time to charge any Glaives to throw out a charged throw while in Dual Wield form (a single-handed secondary with a Glaive). This gets noticeable with slower Glaives like the Orvius. Even faster glaives like the Glaive Prime also have this inconsistency too. As a reference; in order to throw a charged throw of a Dual Wielded Glaive, you hold down the melee button and release it when your crosshairs turn blue. Is anyone experiencing a longer charge time too with their Glaives?
  4. Duality52

    "Cautious shot" should be a sidearm mod

    Concealed Explosives do not scale beyond their 250 damage, aside from using any Faction damage mods (Wiki). That's not much in comparsion to the other explosives which can offer better damage and utility (Penta's Tether Grenades, Ogris's Nightwatch Napalm, the first cold punch of the Lenz, etc.). than a CE Hikou (Prime).
  5. Duality52

    How to make enemies hard ideas

    For enemies, the Nox is a perfect example of a "mini-boss". Weapon is strong by slowing targets and inflicting Toxin damage, but has limited range. Strong armor everywhere but the helmet. The shattering of the helmet is just juicy. In other words, make more enemies like the Nox rather than just copies or something uninspired (Bombards to Napalms). Bosses, I guess the Eidolons would do. They are not completely immune to damage until you have to wait for a weak spot (Vay Hek in particular, Sargus Ruk, Lech Kril, Lephantis, etc.) and they shouldn't be a joke (Phorid, Sergeant). I should mention how interesting their attacks are, though sequential fights will get repetitive. Let's hope the fight with the Orbs will go interesting and fun.
  6. Day 488: 240 Endo Maroo: Here we go, let's find some antiquities!
  7. Duality52

    Elite Alert's need to be deleted

    In other words, you need to fully upgrade your Umbral Mods since most of Umbra's survivability comes from that. Alternately, use a different loadout. The best way to see if you're ready for Elite Alert is if you can do Sorties reliably (team or solo) without going down often. The level ranges are the same, so test it there.
  8. Duality52

    Saryn changes make me go Vay Hek

    So just like the Shrine of Eidolon, you feel that Saryn's "changes" should overshadow what today's mainline update brought?
  9. Duality52

    Saryn changes make me go Vay Hek

    Spores is more or less the most powerful 1st ability in the game, to the point where it rivals any 4's in the game. That right there is not okay. While it depends on the amount of enemies present in an area, you could just build for range to spread it from 2 to probably 3 tiles away.
  10. Duality52

    Saryn changes make me go Vay Hek

    In a way, it would balance out the Miasma spam on lower levels and on higher levels, the change encourage the synergy with Spores. I wouldn't say "forced" unlike Ash and Oberon. At the very least, Saryn's playstyle pretty stayed the same. She is still capable of wiping the map in seconds.
  11. Duality52

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    There goes my Squidward?
  12. I feel that the Bonuses for each players should get their values tweaked. For some frames, 300% more power strength is overkill to the point where the Arbitration isn't even a challenge, but just like ESO where it's just going straight for the rewards rather than putting in effort. Recently, I got a 300% Rhino that wiped the map with 1 or 2 Stomps with a mere 213% Roar (not even min-maxed, it's normally an 84% Roar). Keep the bonuses, but tweak it accordingly to balance out the challenging and entertaining aspects of Arbitrations. EDIT: I notice that the Ancient Healer's aura affects the Arbitration Drones, which makes them annoyingly difficult to kill. Can the Drone not be affected by enemy Auras or can the enemies be still render vulnerable to status procs?
  13. Duality52

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Aside from the Plague Zaws, a new Infested weapon? Sweetness. Never knew I would find Yoda with the Arbiters.
  14. Duality52

    Elite Alerts Requirements - Unlock The Star Chart!

    A tip for you to add @Joe_Barbarian: If you see the Nightmare node available or you can deploy Extractors, then you have cleared all the nodes on a planet/region (excluding the Derelict). I'm not too sure about this, but Dark Sector nodes aren't required for the 227 node completion.
  15. Duality52

    Elite Alerts Requirements - Unlock The Star Chart!

    The nodes give you at least 14k Mastery, not to mention you'll have access to anywhere Alerts, Invasions, Fissures, or Sortie stages are rather than going back again to unlock them or calling for a taxi.