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    Strun Wraith

    OP seems to want more powerful ragdolling on kills with the Strun Wraith. Think of the old Blast damage kills with the (Vaykor) Hek or Tigris Prime.
  2. The rewards of the Intermission is never the intent. The point of Intermission is so people can get Nitain Extracts, Auras, Alert-exclusive weapons, and other things rather than wait for Season 2.
  3. Most important part is can we retake the Plague Star Bounty from the Konzu Tents?
  4. The Komorex feels quite different than your usual sniper rifle which I enjoy. Its low base damage can be corrected with the sniper combo system, using the 3.5X zoom against single heavy targets, and the high slatus chance parted with its high slash damage Even this thread looks at the damage of the weapon, the reload speed of the weapon (3 seconds, which is the same as the Vulkar (Wraith)) is the most crippling weakpoint of a fast DPS sniper rifle like the Komorex. Fortunately, there's Depleted Reload and this:
  5. Ghouls are back again, but the timing's convenient since their bounties have Nitain Extract drops as well. From the Official Drop Rates both bounty variants have: Stage 3 of 4: 4.12% Stage 4 of 4: 5.95% Even if you're not getting the Nitain Extracts, you are getting Standing and other assortments from the Bounties.
  6. Any fixes to the Codex scans? The Jovian Concord wiped my scans of the Plains animals which sequentially prevents them from being fully scanned again, not to mention that scanning them doesn't register them into the Codex at all.
  7. Aside from "feedback" being in a place DE rarely or never sees, increasing the drop chances of Ephemera doesn't really help people who already have the Ephemera in the first place. It's just unnecessarily bloating the drop table. Make them more merit-based over RNG like Bleeding Body Ephemera.
  8. Something feels odd about the Partnership Fragment 5/8 tile. It's not really spawning even on Capture (the target is a Vapos Ranger) and the Ropalolyst node as well. Seems funny that it's also a Captura scene as well. Does anyone have a good node to find the 5/8 Fragment? Exterminate?
  9. If you're using the Operator's Void Mode or anything that prevents the Ropalolyst from targeting you properly for too long, it will force you back into your frame and nullify your abilities briefly. You should expect that; it's not mindless as Terry, Garry, or Harry. Overall, the fight has elements of Exploiter Orb making the thing imposing with dialogue (Exploiter herself and Natah, not the Lotus, speaking of her and its signficance). It's a more a proper fight without being too tedious or long like Exploiter when repeated.
  10. That's why he's doing it, Early Lunch for Konzu! Any fixes to the Codex? The Plains animals scans are buggy since there seems to be 3 types of scans for a single subspecies (one spawned naturally and randomly, the other from the Echo-Lure, the other one being a filler that is impossible to do). Also Condroc and Mergoo scans do not register in the Codex.
  11. I guess people are annoyed over the Triple Unvaulting from last year being nearly exclusive in the Plains due to problems such as loading back into Cetus every time to retake the Bounty. By the time Fortuna and the Orb Vallis came out, Bounties became a great farm for the one particular Relic you want. In regards to the "glory days" of the Void, wasn't there drop percentages that dipped as low as 2% for a Rotation C reward? I can't speak for everyone, but that's just awful honestly.
  12. Oh crud, I didn't read that properly. I hope that my spoilers above for the Jupiter boss will help out. In your case, use Nezha's Warding Halo (3) to reduce incoming damage. His Blazing Chrakram (2) causes enemies to take more damage, and charging can knock enemies down. Avoid melee combat with the Junction Specters unless you can stun them, since their melee attacks can stagger you.
  13. "Useless" or not, it's another way to keep some people engaged by revisiting something you tossed aside before rather than just sticking to the same weapons or loadout all the time (Catchmoon in particular). Make it live up to its potential if you want, not be one-sided and just call it useless.
  14. Ah Zanuka and Alad V? Ignore Zanuka (the robot dog) and go after Alad V. If you get rid of his shields, it also gets rid of Zanuka's shields as well while stunning it briefly. Use that opportunity to kill Zanuka. Other key points too: If you're taking too much fire, you can down Alad V to force Zanuka to revive him. Zanuka's pretty quick however. Zanuka can nullify your abilities, but it has a pretty long animation of doing so. Kill Zanuka, and Alad V is done for. Just also be careful of the Corpus that can help him too.
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