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  1. You can do a charge to cancel the ground slam recovery animation instead of slotting Necramech Fury. If it's for Voidrig, be sure to jump during the charge to ignore the charging recovery animation on the ground. If it's Bonewidow, you can have the Shield Maiden active to ignore the recovery animation while on the ground entirely.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Orb Vallis Coildrives firing faster than normal VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Guaranteed when you provoke a moving Coildrive EXPECTED RESULT: The Coildrive should be firing its plasma cannons once every three seconds or so. While strong, it doesn't fire their cannons that quickly. OBSERVED RESULT: The Coildrive's plasma cannons are firing every second, far faster than normal. This allows them to tear apart defense targets (Special Duty Coildrive, Surveillance Drone, and Thermia Fracture Canister) very quickly. REPRODUCTION RATE: Guarantee
  3. A start, but it needs a start-up animation to telegraph it to players. Why can't they take damage other than their arms and engines? It's inconsistent compared to our own Necramechs, where they take damage from anywhere.
  4. If it works, and you modded it, you can use the mech's charge attack (double tap and hold the Sprint button). When the Ironbride is out, the charge attack will fully inherit the stats of the modded Ironbride. This results in dealing damage in the 5-6 figures from the charges. Bonus points if you have Shield Maiden active, as ending the charge on the ground will no longer have a recovery animation for Bonewidow. That means you can charge enemies down consecutively without the need to jump to cancel the recovery animation.
  5. Initially introduced with the Paracesis, each Formas used will add an additional 2 ranks per polarization. This is capped up to 5 Formas for a total of 40 Mod Capacity (1000/2000 Mastery Experience for weapons/Necramechs). Later in 2019, Kuva Weapons inherit this additional rank mechanic, but there are 18 Kuva weapons so far. Most recently, Necramechs received this same mechanic, for a mixed bag of good and bad. The main two problems in regards to this mechanic: Too many Formas (5) used per item. You can only add another Forma if the item is now at the new additional Max Rank
  6. Instead of striking down these Affinity farms, why not make the Affinity gain for Necramechs better? Leveling Necramechs in the open worlds is largely inconsistent and slow. Without an Affinity Booster, it takes up to hours to fully level the mech. Since Deimos Arcana, you are required to rank it up to the additional max ranks for each Forma. Besides, more Infested to hit with the sac also grants players the opportunity to use the Requiem Obelisks more to their advantage. I would rather leave it as it is with the Hotfix than take your "Less than 5 sacs" suggestion.
  7. Keep those fixes coming! Can the requirement to across the new Isolation Vault Bounties be changed? We should be able to access the Bait Machine without the need to activate the original Isolation Vault Bounty: Access Bait Machine without any active Bounty (consumes 6 Fass/Vome Residue) Defend Bait Machine for 1:30 seconds Toss the bait into the tunnel door The new Isolation Vault Bounties take far too long to unlock in full, while polarizing public matches.
  8. To elaborate on why people are suggesting Octavia and Wukong: damage reflected back to the hostile mechs (Voidrig or Bonewidow) will bypass their invulnerability. Additionally, Slash procs will now also bypass their invulnerability. The latter, I would not suggest that much unless you have Bonewidow with a modded Ironbride. Its Slash procs will melt the hostile Necramechs relatively fast. Be sure not to attack any hostile Voidrigs with their Storm Shroud up, lest you reflect the damage back at you.
  9. Only if the Archguns have a Gravimag equipped. Archmelee has yet to be implemented with a Gravimag, but the Ironbride would be the first prototype. I'm aware that Meathook and Firing Line are indeed useless, but I'm seeing people leaving feedback by saying it's "worthless" or "useless". That is not feedback. What's feedback is that you tell what's the issue with the subject, then offer ideas/advice on how to fix it. For example: Meathook (1) Functionally similar to Grendel's Regurgitate, which isn't great of an ability. Meathook lacks enemy level scaling, which makes its of
  10. To add to that: be sure to use the ability while in midair. It causes Titania to enter Razorwing in a faster animation than on ground. Like Archwing, you can blink while in Razorwing. Be sure to use Spellbind (1) on yourself to become immune to the staggers while in Razorwing.
  11. The Polpy-Hop Juggernaut is like the Stardew Valley Pigs. Real-life pigs can be trained to find and dig out truffles. The polpy spores act like the rare truffles the Juggernaut can sniff out. I like that bounty.
  12. First things first: I'm glad that Bonewidow doesn't need a separate "Damaged Component" to repair her components; the Damaged Necramech parts before the update used to repair and make Voidrig is universally used to repair any Necramech component. Bonewidow needs a lot of changes/revisions: Meathook (1) This is functionally similar to Grendel's Regurgitate, but weaker it seems without any enemy level scaling. Certain enemies that are immune to ragdolling, but still affected by the ability such as the Deimos Saxum can still freely attack you. Add in a function similar to Garu
  13. We're practically gods, yet some people wants a challenge only to deem an appropriate challenge "annoying". In essence, the duality of the community.
  14. It's largely due to how polarizing in performance Melee (but some Exalted Melee) is compared to Ranged weapons. The rift in performance amplified in the Steel Path. I find the Saxum rather interesting to melee playstyles: the Saxum punishes Status builds appropriately with the status immune carapace, yet it's ironically less threatening at close range. Destroying the Femurs makes the Saxum very fragile, but makes melee combat more risky due to the inaccurate eruption of the spores from its destroyed Femurs. The status immunity will render ranged Status weapons far less effective, which is
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