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  1. Duality52

    Do you use wall latch frequently?

    I only use it for Riven challenges, or to cast abilities that can only be casted on the ground (i.e Avalanche) while wall-latched to gain more verticality.
  2. Ah just like Excalibur's Exalted Blade. As with all new changes like these, I eagerly anticipate its arrival considering how juicy the effects are.
  3. Duality52

    Take spy out of sorties or.....

    It's a different pace of gameplay compared to your typical run-and-gun everything. Besides, Spy has been in the game for so long. If you're having trouble with Spy, take it slow. No one's rushing you, otherwise mistakes will occur and you can miss out some details that make Spy easier than you thought.
  4. Revenant's functional at best to survive higher levels. A bit off-topic, yet there are frames like Titania and Ember (maybe) that suffers this more than they should. Better yet, these frames had problems older than Revenant's kit.
  5. The point of that high energy drain is to encourage Revenants to use other abilities than just using sololy Danse Macabre. Same with Mesa, you can't just sit in one place and spam Peacemakers (without the Augment). You can argue that "you need to mod for it!". Thing is that not everyone will have access to the necessary mods to maximize Efficiency and Duration of those abilities.
  6. Duality52

    Need opinions on Titania

    Titania's casting animations needs to be sped up as well. Her animations are probably the slowest in the game. DE in their first Hotfix of the year planned to rework the buffs of Tributes. Hopefully, the auras get affected by mods too.
  7. Duality52

    Noob Next Steps - Uh....quests, star map?

    I don't think OP can acquire all those recommended weapons considering that: the Vaykor Hek's a syndicate weapon, the Staticor is a clan weapon, and the Tiberon Prime is at MR 14. As for the @(XB1)Mahrs's question, finishing the star chart is a good start. Along the way, take the game at your own pace whether in solo play or if in teamplay, they would allow it. Ask for help in game if you need to; people are ready to help you out if you need it.
  8. Duality52

    Hildryn can fly! Who else flies...

    Does that ever matter if most of everyone uses the Itzal?
  9. That's great, but it's not reliable of a farm. The Forma from the special music room (Octavia's Chassis) is not guaranteed, as well as the fact of how low of a chance Rare and even Reinforced containers can even spawn.
  10. Duality52

    Top 5 Fav Frames.

    Favorites: Titania Ash (Prime) Nekros (Prime) Mirage (Prime) Limbo (Prime) Least Favorites: Mesa (Prime) Saryn (Prime) Nova (Prime) Octavia Trinity (Prime)
  11. Duality52

    Extensive list of reworks

    I can say the same with OP's Titania's proposals too, so it's time to elaborate: You seem to misunderstand why Tribute is awful, because of how the buffs don't provide you much of anything in the first place. Dust feels inconsistent, and I'm not too sure about the "scaling" aspect of enemy accuracy. Thorns, or damage reflection, never works with anyone in Warframe except for Octavia. Entangle isn't like a Cold proc where all forms of movement gets slowed. Full moon's damage buff is irrelevant in higher levels. Not to mention the fact that the buffs never scale with mods. Lantern not only feels kinda redundant with Spellbind, but the ragdolling still ruins the CC. The "gradually floats back" part remains irrelevant when you have allies with high Impact weapons (Boar, Sweeper, etc.) constantly pecking it. I would prefer Titania creates her own energy "Lanterns" on the ground rather than use an enemy as a Lantern, as well as making the enemies run to the Lanterns. Don't need to say too much about Razorwing other than letting us create new Razorflies or make them more prominent in her abilities. Finally, you missed out about the fact over how sluggish Titania's casting animations are. They should not be that slow, which leaves her exposed even more. Spellbind should be faster, Tribute should be as fast as Soul Punch since both abilities are similar to each other. Setting up 4 Lanterns is not worth it too due to the slow animation speed.
  12. The Secura Penta you meant. Normal Penta with the Tether Grenades is fine
  13. Duality52

    Profit Taker balance

    All about your positioning and the usage of cover from time to time. Using Thralls allows them to soak up damage and distract nearby Corpus including Profit Taker.
  14. Duality52

    Whats your favorite node/map to play in?

    Lua for me, and it gets more fun to get the Octavia room for a possible Forma and Rare/Reinforced(still haven't seen one) Containers there. The Gas City Defense/Interception tileset is my first tile I saw my friend playing on, and honestly it remained as one of my favorites since it's mag design is a lot more enjoyable than the other tilesets (not too big, easy sightlines, and we have the high ground).
  15. Duality52

    Client Titania Lanterns Bugs

    This seems to only affect clients and not hosts. The issue is that as a client, when you detonate your Lantern(s) manually, the explosion does not damage and the victim that acted as the Lantern is left floating as if they're still Lanterned. Why is that an issue? Apparently, even if you can now kill the floating enemy, the game treats them as still alive until the full duration of Lantern expires regardless of the manual detonation or if you killed them earlier. That's when they suddenly die (their death scream). Sentinels and Companions will also attack the "alive" enemy since the game treated them as alive, yet nothing is there. Worst thing is that missions in Defense can get stalled unexpectedly because of this.