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  1. Skipping over something entirely isn't what I would call a "sortie".
  2. It's more than the Treasurer: majority of the Empyrean Corpus has innate damage reduction, along with a hidden 75% health damage resistance to Cold, Blast, Viral, and Magnetic. The worse offenders are the Aurax Robotics, where both MOAs (Polaris & Culveri) somehow gain more damage reduction when slowed (Nova's Molecular Prime, Sevagoth's Gloom, Cold Procs), capping near 95% damage reduction. The Aurax Atloc Raknoids have an innate 80% damage reduction on top of their armor, while being immune to Viral, breaking the consistency of Scyto/Kyta/Coolant Raknoids being vulnerable to Viral procs.
  3. While that's appreciated, it doesn't help about the fact that the Corpus Ship tile for Defense/Interception needs to be reworked/replaced. It's unnecessarily large, slowing the mission progress. The Dojo Starlight Market would be a more suitable replacement The Aurex Vertec should have accuracy scaling, because at the moment, they are capable of tracking a Razorwing Titania and a Mach Rushing Gauss. That could've been a fun feature actually. Finally, please make the enemy's innate damage reduction more transparent. Majority of the Empyrean Corpus have innate damage reducti
  4. For reference: Aurax Culveri MOA Aurax Polaris MOA Aurax Atloc Raknoid These three Aurax Robotics are rather inconsistent with most of the enemies in the game: Ability Immunity The Aurax units are immune to staggers (except from Impact, Heat, and Electric procs), knockdowns, and ragdoll. The three aforementioned Aurax Robotics, however, are immune to certain abilities and interactions. Sevagoth's Shadow's Embrace and Consume do not affect them whatsoever. This also means that should Sevagoth be bleeding out, the Shadow cannot target the Aurax Robotics with Consu
  5. Nothing can go wrong with a homing briefcase to throw at someone CRIMED NOTICED: COMPROMISED ARRESTING: HUNTED ENGAGING: COMBAT AGENT DOWN: MISSION FAILED
  6. "Ring the bell! It's dinner time!" "I can't shake them. Wait, *gasp* I CAN'T SHAKE THEM!" "I DON'T WANNA DI-" "Well this sucks *static*" "I've got their attention! All fighters! Flank them!" "This is not, going well." "AAAHHHHHH *static*" "*heavy breathing*" "This is Granum space, target the freeloaders!" "If those looters want a fight, they'll get one." "If those Tenno, aren't eliminated. There will be NO BONUSES for anyone!" "Intercept those Tenno! Any damage they dealt will be deduced from your salaries!" "I wanted th
  7. Not to spoil the fun, but the 9 Sister weapons were confirmed to be but some of the weapons are already confirmed: Unofficially (Leaked): Cycron Ferrox Tetra (Note: Original post was taken down by the OP) Officially Confirmed/Revealed: Briefcase (Plasma) Two-Handed Nikana Briefcase (Plasma) Heavy Blade Arca Plasmor Flux Rifle Briefcase Rocket Launcher Juno Comba/Empyrean Zerca's "Hammer & Shield" Juno Crewmen's "Hand Cannon" (ingame, their weapons are functionally similar to the Plinx). EDIT: One of the weapon
  8. With the Sister weapons coming, along with three new Kuva weapons (Kuva Hek, Kuva Zarr, and Kuva Grattler), I would like to raise up a suggestion from a former bug that could help ease the increased repetition of releveling special equipment (Kuva Weapons, Paracesis, and Necramechs). Back in September - October 2018, players used to be able to polarize (apply a Forma) to the Paracesis once its weapon rank is at 30 or higher; the Paracesis didn't need to be at its new max rank, As an example, a player can use a Forma on their Rank 35 Paracesis (polarized 4 times), despite the fact that the
  9. Thing is, some Kuva weapons sports an initial lower damage than their normal counterpart/enhanced. Kuva Karak in particular, as even the Karak and Karak Wraith outdamages it. With the innate Lich damage bonus (25% - 60%), it will allow the Kuva weapons to easily surpass their normal/enhanced variants, coupled with their improved stats..
  10. It's more of a flak cannon than a grenade launcher. My guess is that it will feature higher firing speed along with magazine capacity. While the damage can be decreased, I suspect that the Kuva Lich's weapon bonus will still allow it to outdamage the normal Grattler (i.e Kuva Karak to the Karak Wraith. The airburst proximity detonation could be consistent, then just allowing the rounds to punch-through the enemies. That way, enemies will be damage both from the impact of the round and the explosion. Doubled the magazine size while making the gun fully automatic.
  11. While true, those who heavily rely on/mainly equip the Decaying Dragon Key will likely complain about the change. I'll be surprised if these players are willing to accept the change.
  12. As brutal as it sounds, I believe it would be best that equipping the Decaying Dragon Key should remove Shield Gating. Dragon Keys were meant to add risk in the attempt to open Derelict Vaults, but ironically the Decaying Dragon Key is the only one providing any benefit.
  13. Speaking of Health, can the HUD properly display these values rather than rounding down the values? Right now, the HUD displays health of the Plating as opposed to their actual health: Lavan Mk III: 5999 (6000) Zetki Mk III: 4799 (4800) Vidar Mk III: 4399 (4400)
  14. Any word on fixing the memory/performance leaks caused from repeated playing of Void Storms? It's rather crippling to low end PC's. Today's a Tuesday; I suspect Rebecca will be giving us a heads-up tomorrow if there will be an April Devstream.
  15. I'm leaning towards the Juno Elite Crewmen to be a lot worse than Nullifiers. Their AoE Supras negate a number of mobility options and defensive abilities such as Garuda's Dread Mirror. Furthermore, they're the bane of Sentinels in the Corpus Ship tiles. They, along with any Terra Crewmen and some Empyrean Crewmen have a hidden 75% heath damage resistance to: Blast Cold Viral Magnetic
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