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  1. Unless there are changes to Shield Regeneration rate, that would make Lavan Shield Arrays take far longer to regenerate its shields than just having its "shield density"/flat damage reduction. I suppose the additional Boost Efficiency is excessive since there is Piloting 6 & 7.
  2. I wouldn't expect Titania Prime to come with that. Endura Prime or Sarpa Prime and perhaps even Talons/Castanas Prime.
  3. Components are largely dominated by one particular House per part (Zetki for Shield Arrays and Vidar for both Reactors & Engines). Aside from the Mk III bonuses, which most are undeniably unfunctionable, there could be additional stat bonuses added for each Component: Shield Arrays: "Shield Density": A flat damage reduction, serving as a substitute for Armor applying to Shields. Since Railjack is a sort of "proving grounds" and there are plans to improve Shield viability, we can start that off with Railjack shields. Lavan Shield Arrays will have the highest Shield Density (around 45%), Vidar in the middle (around 30%), and Zetki with the lowest (20%). Engines "Boost Recharge": Boost speed scales mainly from the top speed, making Vidar the most ideal. Making the Boost meter recharge faster allows quicker burst of movement in greater intervals. Lavan Engines will have the highest recharge, while Zetki is in the middle, and Vidar having the lowest recharge bonus. "Boost Efficiency": Similar to Piloting 6 & 7 Intrinsics, this allows your Railjack to consume less Boost for Boosting, Vectors, and Drifting. Lavan will have higher Efficiency over Zetki (middle) and Vidar (the lowest). Reactors: "Health Regen": Likely suggested before, but have Reactors do more than just serve as an equivalent of Flow and Vitality. The only way it will not function is if the Railjack has a Hull Breach. Admittedly, Reactors are a tougher one to add on but the other stat additions could help with a little more diversity for Components. Thoughts?
  4. It is expected to be around March. I bet @[DE]Megan will end up falling into the water just like how she did against Profit Taker slightly more than a year ago 😃
  5. This may have been suggested already, but will we expect the Kuva Weapon's Infusion system for Railjack Armaments and Components? This could provide a decent incentive to build towards the ideal Armament/Component in spite of getting duplicates.
  6. Quite late to say this, but the Gokstad Elite Lancers (the ones with Quartakks) will continue to fire at you even if they get staggered, knockdowned, ragdolled, or any other form of CC which will actually damage you. They can fire around 3 times as their single burst consist around 3-4 total shots from the Quartakk. Furthermore, a few more: Garuda is unable to use her Talons after exiting and entering from Archwing. Unable to use finishers reliablely after exiting and extering Archwing. Exo Fighters firing perfectly at you regardless of their orientation when flying away to find a Exo Crewship's healing bubble (which is more apparent with Exo Cutters).
  7. *gasps* How rude! In all seriousness, the Worm Queen did not get any new lines, but man the voice actor made her rather charmed to listen to, both angry and gleeful over the Grineer she controls.
  8. Combined with the updated arrow energy trails (or blood from the Nagantaka), it could become a laser-light (blood) show within around 10 enemies.
  9. Seeing how most Bows are not only hard to use against crowds, but how they're also slow at it, I can't help but look back to Nuclear Throne, a rogue-like that features an upgrade called Bone Marrow. This mutation (upgrade) allows Arrows and other related projectiles to change directions towards an enemy close to the said projectile, which allows the projectile to zig-zag its way around a group of enemies. For this mod, the arrow would home into an enemy in a certain radius, up to 10 meters to change its direction. This would be maintained until the arrow runs out of punch-through or there are no targets left. Getting the arrows to headshot consistently is a different story, similar to how Ash's Shurikens are rather difficult to headshot enemies with as well. Thoughts?
  10. The screams are from the recordings of a humpback whale screams. Poor Terry. On topic, but who was responsible for providing the sounds and voice of Grendel? The audio efforts on him makes him far more unique than most Warframes I have played with by far.
  11. This is more than just Nekros Prime himself, but the Tigris Prime, Galatine Prime, and most desired by many are his Prime Accessories. It's similar to how long Vauban Prime's Prime Accessories were vaulted, and while they are just cosmetics there are people who wants these items to return.
  12. Can't wait for chat to react to them finding Ivara's Prex Card and yell:
  13. Let's also mention how loud the Kuva Bramma is as well with Mirage. This feels like Staticor and (Synoid) Simulor 2.0 again with dropping people's frames.
  14. After some testing, it's so far so good but three issues: Very slow projectile speed to the point that Whirlwind is needed from mid-range. Conversly, while the slow projectile speed fixes the homing issue where the Orvius would "swirl" around the target's head harmlessly, increasing it makes the issue reappear again. Rank 2 Whirlwind is the desired increased for both projectile speed and to prevent the Orvius from doing that behavior. The Orvius will target even corpses that are not in an animation, which can cause the Glaive to detonate, likely killing you. So far, so good with the Lich changes, and considering how strong the Kuva Nukor and Kuva Hind is, this is a good start. Keep it up for the rest of the month until the next mainline!
  15. If you have a Companion with Link Health but no Pack Leader, it can heal them quite quickly too. Here's hoping the Pets Rework will be great in March.
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