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  1. Not quite, but all of the Vallis Bounties have their Relics as Valkyr & Saryn Prime Relics as well. They rotate only within the Unvaulted Relics, nothing else. May be long, but some history regarding Prime Accesses with some Unvaultings in Bounties (excluding Relic Packs): Frost, Ember, and Loki Prime (Early 2018): The first and largest Unvaulting. Exclusive to the Plains, which was a bit controversial due to having to load back into Cetus just to get a new Bounty. Results in having the Relics as an Uncommon drop now. Chroma Prime Access: Saw a period of its Relics in the Vallis Bounties, which contained bonus objectives and ability to retake bounties out in the field. Soon overtaken by Nova & Mag Prime Unvaulted Relics (Akvasto Prime too). Mesa Prime Access: Never had the chance to be in either Bounty Tables due to Nova & Mag Prime followed by Frost & Ember Prime Unvaulting. First to be in Profit Taker Orb Heist. Equinox Prime Access: Surprisingly stayed for the entirety of its length due to how Volt & Loki Prime Unvaulting were exclusive to the Void. The latter made the Unvaulting fairly painful, especially when farming Axi L4. Wukong Prime Access: A brief period of 2.5 weeks before Nyx & Rhino Prime Unvaulting (again) overtaken the Relics in the Bounties. Axi G2, P1, and D1 became more difficult to acquire as a result. Atlas Prime Access: Unless there's a back-to-back Unvaulting after Saryn & Valkyr Prime Unvaulting ends at around November, it too like Mesa Prime Access will never have its Relics featured in Bounties. The only table that isn't affected is the Profit Taker Orb Heists, which is both long and rewards you one time. Unlike normal Bounties, there are no bonus objectives to fetch a second drop.
  2. This happened before numerous times actually. Unvaulted Relics will dominate pretty all of the Bounty Relics, with the exception of Profit Taker Orb Heists. It would be fine if one of the Bounty tables features the Unvaulted Relics while the other one features the current Prime Access instead.
  3. Most of these changes are pretty nice, in spite of people screaming how some mods like Blood Rush, Maiming Strike, and particularly (Primed) Reach received nerfs. To be truthful, those who just rely on a high-range melee weapon most or all the time, do you even realize how binary Melee is? Just using that same weapon over and over again is just so stale. The changes are also meant to equalize melee weapons in a similar fashion to Primaries and Secondaries. That means whichever weapon you choose, the weapon will still function well enough even if there are other "better" choices. Since Range is what makes Melee weapons pretty binary in performance (Tekko Prime to something like a Polearm Zaw), is there a way to implement some sort of "lock-on" system where you can jump from enemy to enemy? Archmelee is probably the only redeeming thing about Archwing, the ability to jump from enemy to enemy.
  4. Toasty! More Axi Relic farms! I may have said this again, but is it possible to make it so that Unvaulted Relics don't just dominate the majority Bounty drop table too? Have 1 table (Vallis or Plains) feature the current Prime Access while the other the Unvaulting.
  5. A correction, but the Nox's innate damage cap will affect Reave, so you can't kill Noxes in around 2-3 passes of an Enthralled Reave. Best bet is to stun him with a Mesmer Skin charge or Enthrall him for your really beefy pet. But no doubt that while his kit does have some issues, Revenant can scale infinitely since all of his abilities but Danse Macabre scales infinitely
  6. The Leverian is planned to add in frames, already with Gauss then Grendel soon, as well as other frames retroactively. My thought is that will the Leverian showcase older frames, and if they have one, both their Prime and normal variant as well as their associated weapons or gear (like Prime Accessories)? An example: Mirage Prime and normal Mirage. Drusus can discuss both their preferred weapons (Akbolto Prime & Kogake Prime for Mirage Prime, Akzani for Mirage) in relation to their personal traits.
  7. This is going to be fun. Anyways, will there be a way to make it so that Unvaulting Relics aren't just dominating the majority of the Relics in the Bounty Drop Tables (excluding Profit Taker Orb Heist due to being too long and single reward at the end)? Bounties are great for a particular Relic, especially Prime Access Relics. Unfortunately, some Prime Accesses barely had some time before getting overtaken by Unvaulted Relics (Chroma Prime, Wukong Prime) while others never got their Relics into Bounties due to the Unvaulting (Mesa Prime, Atlas Prime as of now). Can you make it so that the either the Plains or the Vallis Bounties can have its table feature the Unvaulting (as usual, the Void and the Star Chart too) while the other Bounty table features the current Prime Access? Axi A6 and P2 (Atlas Prime and Dethcube Prime Axi Relics), or Axi Relics in particular are just painful to farm.
  8. Like the Fulmin, since the Semi-Auto mode overshadows the Automatic mode. As such, most of everyone do not care for switching between modes that often. That's fine, but most of these "Signature Weapon" bonus are minor to the point that any other frame should be able to use it as well even without the bonus. Not every gun has to be as brokenly good as a Kitgun (Catchmoon in particular), not to mention how Kitguns just ripped the weapon balance apart. Both the Acceltra and Akarius personifies Gauss, blunt and speedy as a "cannonball". The Acceltra's crit stats and the Akarius's high damage, along with their splash damage (being missile launchers) reflects that.
  9. Heavy Calibur and Hammer Shot are things I would want to change as: Heavy Calibur may up your damage, but accuracy heavily suffers. Soma (Prime)'s low damage and heavy reliance on its crit stats means it needs consistent headshots to help with damage and ammo. Hammer Shot's crit damage may be appealing, but it's a bit too low and Status chance of it is also too low to be helpful. If you want, aside from @bad4youLT's suggested mods, you can also slot in Shred to help with crowds and increase the DPS of the gun more. That still depends on the faction and which level you're bringing that Soma Prime to as well.
  10. Some of the attack precepts like Helios' and Carrier's are too short range, the latter being fairly slow with its Deconstructor. Additionally, DE stated that the other attack precepts were causing clutter and wanted to generalize all the attack precept into one convenient mod (Assault Mod). With Assault Mode, most Sentinels such as Carrier, Helios, and Shade have benefited with the equalized attack range of 30 meters. Only Diriga's attack precept remains at 70 meters (given its Vulklok). The only purpose of it now is just collection sakes or if you're still getting drops of it (enemies or even Orokin Containers in Challenge Rooms), you can sell them for Credits or Endo.
  11. That tile just has a Condor Dropship as a "decor" or a sort of scenery; those can't be scanned.
  12. There's Chroma from last year before his Prime, and DE assumed he was "fine" with his monotonic and half-functional kit.
  13. That reminds me, has anyone seen a Vapos Condor Dropship since the Hotfix back at Wednesday? I'm searching for the Vapos Elite Condor Dropships now, but nothing so far. For anyone searching for the Vapos Aquila (Corpus dogfighter), try some of the open tiles with destroyed pathways. Capture guarantees several due to the special Capture target. You may need to wait for a bit.
  14. There were several fixes to how the Augment broke Atlas's entire kit from functioning, but this particular one only concerns about the "ground slam" function. With the Augment, you hold the Ability button to force your Rumbler to smash the ground with a decent knockdown range, which goes through walls too. The bug is that if the Rumbler is in the middle of the ground slamming animation as it dies, the ground slam no longer functions for the rest of the mission. I have not tested if dying and reviving fixes it, but one thing to confirm is that if the Augment is on cooldown as the Rumbler dies, that does not cause the bug to occur.
  15. Cache Hunters, and I'm one of them. Sure the rewards for most of the Caches are unappealing (hence their hatred by the majority of the community) and people do not like deviating from the objective. But for me, it helped me explore the map/tiles more for secret rooms, and other absurd locations that Caches can spawn that make me chuckle. Not to mention how there's Nightwave and the required task for the Neptune Junction of finding all Caches in Uranus, Sabotage.
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