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  1. Duality52

    01000011 CYAN & Terra Raptor SX farm

    The Raptors might get overwritten by Combas once it reaches Alert Level 4, which is a pain since they are most likely seen during Alert Levels 2 & 3. For my strategy, I simply recapture bases back to back. Reflector Control, the Pearl, and maybe the Temple Fabrication are promising with the higher level ranges. Also, the results seem a bit foggy. Any boosters (Chance?) used? How long was that? Pre-made Party? EDIT: Looks like a Resource Booster did get used because the Raptor Dyes only drop in 5s, not 10 without a Booster.
  2. Duality52

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    I don't know anything about this exploit that got fixed, so can anyone fill me in on that was? The hotfix is appreciated, though are there any plans to tweak the Ocucor, the new Sentinel weapons, and how the K-Drive mods function (putting both Extreme Velocity and Nitro Boost does not increase the overall boost nor its normal speed, they're both the same)?
  3. Duality52

    we need excaliburg for smash ?

    If Excalibur ever gets accepted into Ultimate, then I would imagine Umbra as an Echo Fighter. I'm in with the proposal, but there's likely going to be some internal talking with DE and Nintendo (likely Sakurai) even if Warframe is now on Switch.
  4. Duality52

    No more leveling on onslaught!

    I should add on about how Focus gain is also tied to Affinity gain, which is a double butcher if that happens.
  5. Just like before, stock up your Syndicate Standing, Medallions, and Void Traces to the max as close as possible so you will be prepared for the new Relics for Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime, and Redeemer Prime. For some small math (Rank 5 Syndicate with 120k standing or more): Relic Pack: 3 Relics for 20k Standing. With a Rank 5 Syndicate, a maximum of 6 Packs can be bought. 3 Syndicates: 18 Relic Packs = 54 Relics total. 4 Syndicates: 24 Relic Packs = 72 Relics total. You can potentially get even more standing if you stockpiled Syndicate Medallions too to get more Packs after the initial spending.
  6. Aside from Nyx's promising rework potential, Baruuk's smooth animations, and of course Mesa Prime, Titania's brief preview of her rework leaves a lot to be desired. I know it's early, but early enough to remind DE about properly reworking a frame unlike what happened to Oberon before his Prime Access. The only good thing I see right now from the Devstream is the increased energy pool from 100/300 to 150/225 (Rank 0/Rank 30 unmodded) where a maxed Flow/Primed Flow will increase it to 450/637(638 rounded up). Now a list of reminders as to why the rework does not encourage Titania's other abilities compared to just using Razorwing: Casting Animations: Using Spellbind & Lantern on the previewed Corpus Crewman with a Fluctus, and the animation speed remains unchanged. Why? There is not a single reason as to why the animations are so slow, and no Natural Talent is not a permanent fix to the problem. Killing over Crowl Control: I understand how Spellbind and Lantern are redundant to each other, but why bother casting it when you can kill them just as fast in Razorwing? Provide a better incentive of casting them to as much as to how Razorwing Blitz was implemented. Aside from ragdolling that plagues Spellbind and how a bit unreliable the "attracting" aspect of the Lantern is, we get to Tribute: Dust: Enemy Accuracy will scale, not to mention about the fact any with homing ignores the buff entirely (Bombards, the Terra Overtakers, Mutalist Ospreys that shoot spores at you). Thorns: Damage reflection, as already known, never works in Warframe since the enemy damage to us is high, but low to themselves. And no a multiplier won't do any good either considering how squishy Titania is (100/100 Shields/Health and 65 Armor) and this is a horde-shooter. Entangle: Not just the low base Range (10 in game meters), but it only slows movement. Make it like Cold Procs, where it slows all forms of movement (reloading, firing, etc.) Full Moon: Companions (Razorwings included) are known for their utilities they provide, not their damage output. Provided the fact that Razorwings die quickly on higher levels, this doesn't help at all. Mod Scaling: As in none at all. One can argue Octavia's Metronome scales with Mods because she provides buffs, not auras. Considering how not only those buffs are better and easy to obtain in comparison to no scaling and a litte "scavenger hunt" for the aura buffs, I find how Tribute's buffs never get affected by mods baffling. I don't want to drag this out any longer (changing the abilities), as this is a reminder to go back to the drawing board and plan a better rework than the initial one seen on the Workshop and very briefly the Devstream. Titania shouldn't just be known as using Razorwing only (or the "Manual Mesa"), and she should be better than that.
  7. Duality52

    Winter Solstice 2018!

    For the new Glyphs, I see a Scourge Neffy, the snow globes of the Plains & the Vallis, and an Eggnog Kuva. What's the last one?
  8. Duality52

    Why Fortuna lacks logic

    A. Yet the Corpus are pushing the Vallis animals into near extinction all for their grofit and vanity (such as turning Red Crested Virmank into a protein slurry). B. As seen in Vox Solaris, the Corpus under Nef Anyo aren't willing to risk damaging/destroying anything related to Fortuna, whether it be Solaris or property since its their profits. C. We don't get to see a Corpus squad in Fortuna (not really counting Vox Solaris since that's a transmission), so I don't have a good explanation for that.
  9. Duality52

    Easy K-Drive Standing

    To be honest, I don't know if many people know this but you can grab the board to significantly increase the score rating when you transition it into a successful grind. As a reference, you grab the board by holding your firing button. With that in mind, I didn't need to spam tricks on the Fortuna pipe and I usually do it in a single run or so.
  10. Duality52

    Titanias needs more than proposed.

    Few things you're missing that still plagues Titania to this day: Casting Animations: I agree on your point about how contradicting Titania's kit is to her nature, but where's the mention about her Casting Animations? Even casting Razorwing in midair, which makes it faster than casting it on the ground, it's still sluggish. Tribute Auras not scaling with Mods: Funny how Octavia's buffs are not only better but they scale. Some of your proposals are interesting, but buffing the Diwata would do nothing when you have the Dex Pixia in hand. Also Entangle should act like a Cold proc/Nova's Molecular Prime where all forms of movement gets slowed, not just movement speed like an Arctic Eximus aura.
  11. Duality52

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Garuda tweaks and the fixes there are nice (praise Fortuna 69). Any ETA on fixing the gaining Mastery from purchased items (K-Drives, Moas, and Kitguns)?
  12. Duality52

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Several things for Titania: Tribute: Her buffs from Tribute should get changed completely, maybe Dust is okay? Not only that, they still don't scale from mods (don't get started on Octavia). Lantern: Increasing the reliability of "attracting" people rather than them ignoring the Lanterns all of a sudden. Make them run towards the Lantern. Casting Animation in general: They're so slow that it's contradicting Titania's small nimble nature; increase it. Base Energy: Just like Mag back before she got buffed, and low energy is a no-go for a caster frame. Nyx is interesting for sure, especially about Psychic Bolts. I know it's early since there's a Part II, but I hope DE considers the parts I find troubling with Titania's kit. EDIT: While Titania's my "main", I prefer to play a support playstyle with her than to use Razorwing frequently. Razorwing ups her survivability significantly, and surviving on the ground without it is difficult. The changes right now just scratch the surface of how problematic it is to survive as a support Titania rather than a DPS/offensive Titania.
  13. Way back at February where the Boar Prime got its damage nearly doubled. From the Wiki: Nasty thing, but the only issue about it, similar to the Braton Prime, is that it has no starting polarities. Outside of that, it's a fun and strong auto-shotgun aside from the Kohm.
  14. Duality52

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

    Will we soon get a fix on getting Mastery from purchased items (K-Drives, Moas, and Kitguns)?
  15. Works nicely until you have to deal with the Raknoids (Sycto and the Kyta). As a reference, Sycto (orange) mainly uses their "silk" and their claws to attack you. The Kyta (Green) Raknoid is even worse since neither Toxic damage or its procs can bypass its shields; you need to bring it down. Gets even more fun when they generate their overshields and run away from you. Also they both have armor, which affects the Toxin damage/procs from Gas.