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  1. It grants a reactive Toxin aura that damages enemies that damage either Grendel or any allies with the Armor in range. At least Nourished Strike grants bonus Toxin damage. A simple help to Grendel's energy drain is to let Regurgitate reset the exponentially increasing energy drain of Feast. Not only does Regurgitate uses no energy, but the change allows Grendel to strip more armor off and sustain his buffs more.
  2. The missions are fairly infamous for stripping almost all of your mods, with the exception of Augments and Precepts with a longer than normal Endless mission conditions. Grendel's Leverian states that he comes to aid the poor and starved by stealing and feasting upon the rich and corrupt. The change I propose in relation to his Leverian lore: the less mods you have in total on your frame and equipment, the lower the requirements for completing the Grendel endless missions. You have the choice to bring your fully kitted loadout, but the Endless missions will take a bit longer as the mods will hamper with the Locator (Defense: 15 Wave, Survival: 15 Minutes, Excavation: 800 Cryotic). The levels increase by an extra 50 on top of the normal level the Corpus will have on that mission in response to the mods. If you have little to no mods, the amount decreases (minimum of Defense: 5 Waves, Survival: 5 Minutes, Excavation: 300 Cryotic). Thoughts? There's not too much of a way to penalize fully modded players doing the mission without dragging the missions too long, so enemies of Sortie 2 level (80-100) is more than enough.
  3. The host can just kick someone whose loadout they don't like/does not suit their "meta". That can easily be abused, plaguing Public matches. I don't understand the context of that. You choose your own Relic before the mission starts. Was the group pre-made or joined randomly?
  4. Welp, there goes the meme! Jokes and amazing Prime Trailer aside, Hydroid's rework three years ago is never designed for today's different Warframe. Will there be tweaks to make him more effective? Examples include how Tempest Barrage now ragdolls enemies since March, and Corrosive Barrage is hampered by the changes to Corrosive procs.
  5. On that topic, but can the team open up the shortcuts inside the remastered Vaults in higher levels? They are oddly blocked off all the time, and worse case scenario is that Medallions can spawn inside the blocked vent paths.
  6. Enviromental hazards on board the Railjack is now capped at one, which means it happens very infrequently as long as you have your shields down. Hull Breaches (the hazard that occurs when your Railjack's health dips below 100, which counts down a one minute to mission failure) still occur, but I believe you confuse it with Hull Ruptures (Railjack loses a percentage of its health until repaired.
  7. Now aside from the new shield walls to protect you while hacking the console and the Armada is at Saturn, turning it into an Orokin Cell farm, there's something better:
  8. That's intended, and thankfully a positive since No Shields affect everyone from Tenno, to Corpus, and Defense targets.
  9. Resource Caches reward thorough exploration, but the main reason why players do not search for them is due to their awful rewards majority of the time. To split up the tweaks, there will be the changes and additions: Changes: Credit Caches: Increase their amount by at least 10X or 15X. The 10k Credit Cache is okay, but appearing in Tier 3 Caches makes it rather late for the reward. Endo: Reserve the Endo for only Rotation A and B (First and Second Caches). In addition, remove the duplicate Endo drops, replacing it with other resource drops such as Oxium. The main prize comes from the third Cache. Rare Resources (I.e Orokin Cells, Argon Crystals, Nitain Extracts): Increase the amount to 3. Getting one doesn't amount to much. Xiphos Parts: Have the game give you a part on the 50th Sabotage mission with all Caches found. The amount of missions done is universal, but the part given is in respect to which "tier" you are in (finishing your 50th mission on Gradivus, Mars will give you the Fuselage). Additions: Orokin Ducats: Rotation C. Tier 1 200, Tier 2 300, Tier 3 400. Oxium: Rotation B. Tier 1 100, Tier 2 200, Tier 300. Kuva (The War Within must be completed): Replaces a Credit Cache/Endo drop per rotation. Either in the Kuva Fortress Caches or Sabotage missions with a Kuva Siphon/Flood. Rotation A: 300 Kuva, Rotation B: 500 Kuva, Rotation C : 1000 Kuva. Thoughts?
  10. I would rather have the Primary sawblades home in on enemies, which is retained on ricochets. That gives the Panthera Prime some character while correcting the awful Multishot pattern deviation as well.
  11. I find it odd, but I feel that the Corpus are too "clean" to fight. There isn't that much destruction and gore compared to the other factions for some reason. To elaborate, all Moas and certain Crewmen are nearly immune to dismemberment: Elite Crewmen (Elite) Terra Crewmen Juno Elite Crewmen Juno Sniper Crewmen Juno Techs Terra Sniper Crewmen (Juno) Combas/Scrambuses (Juno Malleus) Machinists Amalgam Machinist and Hequets They can only be dismembered through Nekros's Soul Punch (on kill) and Khora's Strangledome. Off-topic, yes, but the way Panthera Prime flails around corpses upon kills makes the gun fun. However, that requires the Panthera Prime to be fixed first similar to how the Corinth Prime got some of its fixes.
  12. I would imagine Excalibur Prime having an interaction on Lua, since he is the first Warframe created. Umbra would be fairly easy; allow him to roam and settle in our Orbiters such as him playing the Shawzin. But of course, it would be hard to brainstorm other interactions with older Primes that were not associated with a quest or lore.
  13. *sad Bolarola Prime noises*. That can't be a sidegrade now can it? On topic, but heavens forbid why did they do the Panthera Prime injustice? It already has issues that plagued it for years. Its Alt-Fire in particular is so bad that if I recall, Megan from last week's Home Stream simply ignored it. Call me crazy, but one another way to fix and give the Panthera Prime a bit of character is to have the Primary sawblades home in on enemies, which is retained even upon ricochets.
  14. I feel that the Infested should be first, especially with Heart of Deimos for Tennocon 2020. Grineer were in the spotlight for far too long since they were technically the first (the Plains, Empyrean, etc.). Infested need better variety to make them more dangerous and interesting too.
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