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  1. For Empyrean/Railjack, Liches aren't too effective in repelling boarders unless one has the Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Shildeg, or weapons that can scale high with their level. Sisters are a bit more effective than Kuva Liches due to their more effective Tenet weapons. On-Call (Command Intrinsics 9), they can help deal with Corpus and Infested even on the Steel Path. The Grineer and Corrupted Grineer are unsurprisingly their greatest struggle due to armor. Still, look into these types of Liches/Sisters: Toxin Kuva Lich and Impact Sister Aside from their weapon, both of them have near identical ability kits with Overload (Oberon's Smite) and Cursed Ground (Oberon's Hallowed Ground). Their version of Smite, especially when they're at Level 75 (converted a max Level 5 Lich/Sister) can keep up even in the Steel Path due to double-dipping scaling. Cursed Ground is both CC and status immunity. Toxin Kuva Liches have Miasma, spreading some Viral procs, but not as extensive as Viral Quills. Impact Sisters have Protea's Blaze Artillery, which again scales from their level. Weapons Kuva Liches are seen to be effective with the Kuva Zarr, Kuva Shildeg, Kuva Grattler, and Kuva Ayanga. Those four weapons mentioned have their hgh damage scales well with their level. Hitscans like the Kuva Quartakk and the Kuva Kraken are also decent. Tenet Detron and Tenet Spirex are deceptively deadly, capable of the picking enemies off of their normal effective range due to the Sister's accuracy. Tenet Arca Plasmor is also impressive with its range and the size of its plasma blast. I didn't pick the obvious choices (Kuva Nukor and Tenet Cycron) to give some better analysis to the other weapon choices. Not required to convert one, but for variety sakes and to fight along with a high ranking Grineer commander blessed by the Grineer Queens/ a Corpus female officer who answers to both Parvos Granum and Vala Glarios in time for the New War? They fine to convert.
  2. A redeemable code when the War Within launched back in December 2016. It's similar to the Cherry Tree Glyph when the Sacrifice launched in June 2018.
  3. They only spawn if you're in constant combat; AFKing won't spawn them: Rushing and AFKing the mission will make you miss out on the Acolytes, but frankly it's no surprise that the playerbase considers patience a hinderance.
  4. Please consider adjusting or changing the Ambassador's acquisition method, as it rivals the Braton Vandal in both ways of: Slightly below average performance Awful grind compared to other weapons like the Quellor For a suggestion:
  5. Her slow casting animations is what's also making it clunky, while players who exclusively uses her for Razorwing won't notice that issue. Increasing her casting animation speed, especially from Spellbind to Lantern will be a great QoL for Titania.
  6. Except the stacks deplete one at a time rather than all at once. It makes managing them much easier. Overexaggerating is quite a drug. Losing around 10-30% of tens of thousands, if not even hundreds or up to even millions of damage barely affects Melee. Melee makes the game rather stale as almost all Melee weapons are monotone compared to ranged weapons.
  7. The Carmine Penta parts drops in both the Pluto Proxima and the Corpus region of the Veil Proxima via the Corpus Freightlinker Cache drops. It's a bit redundant to have that now. It would be best to replace the Carmine Penta drops from the Veil Corpus Freightlinker Cache drops with the Ambassador parts, as that would alleviate the RNG of its current acquisition method.
  8. The Tennolive demo shown that Sentients are being more balanced: No more Status Immunity A Battalyst during Kahl's section is seen getting set on fire by his napalm grenade. Different Sentients (Symbilyst at the end of Kahl's final section, Conculysts during Teshin's section) were seen getting staggered, or even getting knocked down. This makes them more interactable than just straight-up immunity. Different Adaptation mechanic During Teshin's section, the Sentients change the element on their cores. Their mechanic is similar to the Prosecutors, where using the right damage type that matches their core element increases the damage significantly. Finishers Kahl manage to use a finisher on a Battalyst, impaling its core with his Machete. This suggests that the cores can now be a viable targeting point than the tiny heads the Sentients have, as currently shooting the core does nothing. The New War does more than a change of pace outside of playing as essentially gods (Tenno), but gives the much-needed update and attention to interacting and fighting Sentients.
  9. Indeed, but admittedly parts of the community have devolved into this mindset. It's hard for them to see the value of exploration when they seek only the meta in the midst of the grind in the game.
  10. The damage resistance as it scales up to Level 5 Liches/Sisters gets too excessive to the point that the fight is more of an endurance than for fun. Please readjust and make the damage resistance more consistent.
  11. Update 30.5 caused the Buzlok to suffer a rather function breaking bug. When a beacon is attached to the target, any sequential shots from the Buzlok will simply pass through the target without damaging the target. Attacking enemies without a beacon attached will damage enemies as normal, but it will not deal as much damage without the beacon.
  12. This is the part I will always emphasize: DE and parts of the community painted themselves into a corner due to both DE and parts of the community themselves. I understand that DE need to thrive on new content for both themselves and the playerbase, but there are several years-old problems that are still clinging to the game. Power creep is expected, and the community grew too attached to this due to the repetition of the grind. I understand that some parts of the grind should be changed (Harrow, Khora, Equinox, etc.) but that's a different topic. The community would pursue popular or "meta" builds just to get the grind over with, while calling the grind a "chore" in the process. By the same token, "meta" builds are so stale that it also drains the fun away from the game's most important value: exploration. I keep seeing new players what the "best" things are along with asking for mainstream Melee mods. Without looking up the Wiki, how many people would recognize what these are? Battacor Zymos Cyanex Supra (Vandal) Ferrox The list goes on, as people would likely compare these weapons they haven't obtained to the more popular weapons. That will likely kill off the new player's desire to try these new weapons and later trash them. Frankly. I'm not sure if DE can come out of the corner, as any workshop even with some healthy changes (like this one) will result in some overwhelming backlash for taking away a fraction of their power. That type of reaction from the community is what will likely prevent any healthy changes in the future just for removing 10% of tens of thousands, or even millions of damage.
  13. Right, losing around 10-30% of hundreds of thousands of damage will make Melee "worthless".
  14. This is the primary reason why there will be never any sort of "challenge" in Warframe. Admittedly, I'm tired of see people continuing to demand for challenge or even the raids to return. Due to the immense power creep, we're not ninjas, we're gods. You bring Warframes into any other shooters, and they will smear away any resemblance of challenge due to: Abilities and equipment that essentially grants immortality. Kill me once? You need to kill me 3 (5 with two fully ranked Arcanes) again when I revive in just a second! Abilities and equipment that effortlessly wipe out crowds of enemies or even a large tile in a span of a few seconds. Abilities and equipment that shut down the enemy AI entirely. Insane mobility. The latter part defined one of Warframe's key gameplay, the mobility and parkour. That can and should stay. The other three parts are immensely difficult for DE to even try and balance as they themselves and even the community cornered them. The grind of the game forced players to go for meta builds just to get the grind over with, but using their meta builds makes the game much more stale. This leads to the players to complain how the grind is a "chore". DE also caused the community to harmonize with the power creep for this long. The rewards and some part of the grind that should be readjusted/reworked to be more fair and rewarding, but that's a different topic for now. I'm doing my best to help new players/clanmates who are also new to the game, but it's difficult when they ask for certain builds or go after "meta" weapons. That will kill their exploration of the game, and thus their interest of the game in the long run. It's ultimately their choice, but still going for the "best" is not what would be ideal in the long run.
  15. Rather than Arcanes, why not convert them into the mod equivalent of Stance Mods for Primaries/Secondaries? Part of the Arsenal Divide stems from how Primaries/Secondaries require 2-3X more Formas than Melee weapons, and yet Melee weapons reach their full potential within 1-2 Formas. Not only that, Melee stats and mods are overall better than ranged weapons. I'm aware this is saving Formas on ranged weapons, which will impact your profits, but it's rather jarring for the time invested in ranged weapons to be disproportionate to melee weapons only for melee weapons to still come out on top.
  16. It's what's hurting the game in both ways by DE and parts of the community like that. DE let the power fantasy explode, and coupled with the grind, this led to people changing and resorting to meta builds just to get the grind over with. Meta builds are monotone, but efficient. Doing this repeatedly in a grind makes the players think the grind is more of a chore than actual fun. It's the reason why I stayed away from popular meta builds/loadouts; it made the grind bearable and actually fun for me rather than me complaining about how much of a "chore" it is. I am aware that some part of the grind should be still readjusted (Khora, Nidus, Harrow, etc.).
  17. Thing is compared to Ranged weapons, Melee weapons are mostly the same with a few outliers. The only things that differ are: Stats Appearance Stance It's rather monotone, but on the same token, DE prefers to use them as they complement with Warframe's mobility the most while less overall work than making Ranged weapons (reload animations, firing sounds, etc.). The outliers mentioned above would be: Kronen Prime with Sovereign Outcast Most Dual Swords with Swirling Tiger Glaive Prime In short, almost all Melee weapons perform identically in terms of visuals and performance. It's what makes them rather monotone compared to Ranged weapons.
  18. Rather than "very bad", it's needed. Blood Rush provides the most out of its effect out of every single mod in the game, in essence an easy 660% Crit Chance mod. It needed to be toned down. Condition Overload easily triumphed over Primed Pressure Point in just two Status procs. Even with its damage bonus being reduced to 80%, it's still plenty of damage considering how Melee weapons outdamage most ranged weapons in the game. Berserker favored Crit Melee weapons more over Status Melee weapons. The change gives you a decision between consistent attack speed (Fury) or a ramped up and up-keeping high Attack Speed (Berserking Fury). This is also to remove the reliance on more Crit weapons. In all, the Melee nerfs isn't that extensive, The overall killing power, which tends to be overkill damage, doesn't shift that much.
  19. This is admittedly weird, Why are these being locked behind the Steel Path? New players would be more incentized to use their Melee weapons over their Primaries/Secondaries due to the better in-general mods and stats. That still drives the "Arsenal Divide", especially for new players. Finally, unlocking Ranged Arcane slots is inconsistent compared to: Warframes (unlocked immediately) Kitgun/Zaw (Glided)
  20. Silly question, but will any player who got their Kuva Nukor captured by the Zanuka Hunter count as well? The Galvanized Mods are an interesting blend of the Acolyte mods along with standard mods. But keep in mind that aiming down sights drastically lowers our mobility. The numbers could give an extra bump to make that mobility tradeoff. I'm a bit surprised that Glaive Prime's forced Slash proc on explosion isn't getting touched. Controversial as it is, that should be changed to be more skillful over being easily spammed and achievable. Overall, decent changes along with how Berserker will be a standalone from (Primed) Fury.
  21. If you're invisible under any circumstance before the Acolyte spawns, they will treat you as if you're still visible to them. Reapplying the invisibility after they spawned will return their aggro behavior back to normal.
  22. A nice start, but can there be a way to speed up the Mobile Defense part of Ambulas? I suggest that destroying any of the Remech Ospreys will reduce the timer by 5 seconds.
  23. All Passives and Mods are completely disabled now. Frame choice is up to you to use for fun and the appearance of an inflatable floatie tied to your frame's waist.
  24. For reference, most Glaives in the game will be guaranteed to proc a specific Status effect upon detonation regardless of elemental mods. Examples include: Orvius: Cold Pathocyst: Viral Falcor/Xoris: Electric Cereta: Toxin The Glaive Prime on the other hand, is guaranteed to proc Slash on enemies upon detonation. To be able to proc Slash like that is excessive, coupled with the overall speed and stats of the Glaive Prime, it neuters the Grineer entirely. This can rival the speed and killing power of a Sovereign Outcast Kronen Prime. Its only downside is against any enemies immune to Status procs. My suggestion: explosions are fine to guarantee procs like Impact, but limit the specific procs to successful thrown Glaive impacts on direct hits. Think of this as similar to the Halikar (Wraith) on how it disarms enemies. It disarms enemies on direct thrown hits, not the explosion. Additionally, detonating the Glaive will cause the Glaive to hover in its place briefly (1-2 seconds) before returning to its user regardless of distance. This is done to limit the Heavy Attack detonation spam. Thoughts?
  25. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds are the more criminal mods that should be readjusted. Providing essentially an easy 660% Crit Chance and 440% Status Chance makes them way too overpowering over any mods in the game honestly. Furthermore, certain Stances (Sovereign Outcast, Swirling Tiger) needs to be toned down on the amount of forced Slash procs. It's excessive.
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