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2019 was a.... interesting... year, alright, was a pretty bad year for warframe, and from my point of view 2020 needs to be the year of fix and polish everything, from railjack to the hand on nekros noble animation set basing in this points: 


1.- RNG is not the solution, if you want to put some exclusive things because 1.01% drop chance is a way to make it exclusive then make it a event reward but please no more blazing step ephemeras.

2.- More enemy health and damage doesnt mean diffuculty, really,  the tank of saturn six is a pretty interesting enemy for his story but a god damn lancer with the armor of a capital ship is just another fool wasting our air.

3.- Stop promising things before time, even if i dont like the idea the only thing you will get from doing so is to overhype the people and if its not delivered soon nobody will care (stalker mode :c)

4.- We cannot progress if we forget the basics, like the archwing on railjack, if we are going to use it for a brand new gamemode then it must be tweaked before.

and lastly but not least

5.- The community and DE are working for a better game, even if it seems like that we are no enemies if you need feedback then listen to those who want to improve the game and you may say how the comunity will say something if they do not show anything (point 3), well DE can post it here on the forums but not as a future implement but as an idea and then we can debate.


That was my idea of the steps to follow maybe i missed some maybe some are not too important but something is true, DE must fix the game and must fix it now and as a comunity we (the most of us) are here to help create a better game.


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