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Lodestar Armor and Regalia Emblems Mismatching Positions


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I tried to search if someone had already reported this since it's a problem that I noticed over a month ago, and it's still active. Since I found no such thing here is a brief description of the issue.

When I equip my Lodestar Shoulder Plates on any Warframe, and then equip a Regalia Emblem - let's say Clan Emblem or Baro Ki'teer Sekhara - it is placed on what I assume is the wrong position. I think the regalia should be placed right in front of the metallic curve of the shoulder plate - neat and centered - but it is in fact placed usually a bit down and to the right/left of the shoulder plate, and the place it should actually be.

I hope this has been useful, and I hope that it gets fixed eventually. I'm also not sure if this affects other platforms. Thank you kindly.

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