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Railjack magus arcanes not working properly


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Just wanted to report that Magus Repair and Magus Lockdown stop working properly after I go to the dry dock and then back in a mission again. I noticed that before, but saw it yesterday again and wanted to report it. So I finished a mission yesterday, the sentient anomaly one, went to the dojo, refilled, started another mission in the Veil Proxima and then both Magus Repair and Lockdown didn't work, lockdown didn't tether enemies and repair didn't heal my inaros. I don't know if someone noticed this bug, or if its a glitch, but if someone noticed other arcanes not working as they should in railjack missions, feel free to post them here.


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This is still an issue. I've been unable to reliably recreate the bug. Sometimes they don't work and suddenly they'll start working again within the same mission, between entering crewships/POI and the railjack.

(edit) Mine was Magus Elevate. I think it's probably all Magus arcanes which are affected.

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