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A Mag Idea for Polarize and Crush

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I do like Mag's kit, but I also feel that I can't take her to certain content. As the games starter caster frame I can see where the emphasis on damaging abilities comes from.

For Pull and Magnetize I like them how they are I think they are fine

For Polarize I do think the shield restore is apart of the identity for Mag and would suggest keeping that on as well as taking the overshield aspect off of Crush and adding it per enemy hit for you and your team. while also adding a shield damage reduction buff to yourself and team hit by the polarize affected by duration and power strength. An increased shield recharge buff would be nice too but might be too much. The armor stripping would have to be removed from the skill for balance, but the shield removal from enemies could stay.

As for Crush I feel it could go in two directions if mag is lifting units only to drop them after crushing them where they are suspended in air it would make more sense if they all got picked up and crushed into one point before being dropped.

The other way would be to just crush them into the ground by magnetizing them and the ground around them knocking them to the ground as an aoe hard CC like Rhino's Stomp. The difference would be that more heavily armored units would take longer to get back up where as lightly or unarmored units would take less time to get up. The shards that drop normally from Polarize could drop from crush instead at this point, and damage could be sacrificed because of the utility and CC of the move.

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you wouldn't need to remove anything from Polarize to give it Overshields instead plus adding Shield only DR.
especially since the Armor/Shields that Polarize consumes, is where the Damge of the Shards it creates comes from.

and best off scrapping Crush and making an Ability that's more mechanically useful than just a generic AoE.

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Hi, Tenno's

Great to see, that still some look at our little MAG. 🙂

Definitely some of the Team support adds shall be kept and as you made some reflections about here. See below.

Generally, since the last rework of Mag, she became quite a potent crowd controller. But at some stages it feels there can be done a bit more:


Pull/Push is fun and in his basic doesn’t need to be changed. Could you just add, the capability as we see on your Intro(Trailer) video on the website (when she’s falls from the sky) and protects herself with this magnetic shield?

Normal use pulls enemies and if on hold creates a magnetic shield which absorbs incoming projectiles (Nyx Absorb on a smaller scale). After either earlier release or full charged, she redirects the projectiles and pushes enemies in front sight away. (Similar to the video)


Magnetize As it works now it isn’t bad but could have some improvements. Being able to create a field without need to target an enemy, like Limbos Cataclysm. Maximum number of Zones 4.

In addition, if recast on the same still active zone, the timer resets and the damage absorb increases by 25 up to 100 percent.


Make it a toggle power. Enemies inside the area become magnets and pulling each other closer (Like Ferrox) and attracts projectiles (Like Scourge). Energy consumption increases per enemy affected.


Polarize No real need to modify, strong power regardless the enemy lvl with the augmentation mod.


Crush Keep unchanged.


Synergy, Main power will be Magnetize or Aura (as describe above)

Projectiles caught by Pull/Push shall deal Bonus damaged to targets affected by magnetize (Aura) or make the bubble explode with bonus damage. Multiplier varies how much charged both Magnetize and Pull/Push are.

Magnetize in conjunction with Polarize shall also increase the damage on enemy shields and armor with a multiplier depending on the health of the enemy target.

Crush, with the magnetize aura on shall be more devastating due to the opposing forces ripping targets in half. And splitting it first in Magnetic damage and the ripping true damage. Shield and Armor don’t really protect one if ripped apart by gravity.

The actual system with the shards doesn’t really impresses due to the heavy combo of Magnetize, Polarize and the timing when using crush.

Maybe another solution could be that the metal Bonds which are wrapped around here arms become, exalted weapons since it will be here power focus devices? Mods which could be interesting would be from the secondary Weapon pool.


Had been a while with here. That need to add this kind of power, as of the Trailer video has to be added, one can't promote or show such in a Trailer and afterwards it is missing in game. And maybe some mechanics here written are still active in the background.

Best regards

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