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We need a resources/containers radar & universal vacuum for both Railjack and Archwing.


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I must say that DE did well to add a radar for avionics, armaments and components in Railjack missions. But I think what we really need for this game mode (especially for the farming) is a radar for resources and containers as a passive, both for Railjacks and Archwings since many find it tedious to explore the entire space for some loot during and after the missions.
I've made a concept idea of what the radar would look like for looting.

What we currently have:



What we (or most of us) need:





This wouldn't completely solve the problem of farming, but at least the pain will be less.

Another thing that would also be good is to expand the range of the universal vacuum on all Archwings as the current one feels as if it didn't exist (less than 20 meters), and give the same ability to the Railjack.


Now let's talk about range.


I'm not sure if this will be the best answer, but I suppose it would be the following:

Resources and containers radar:
Archwing: 1000m - 2000m or radio.
Railjack: 5000m
of radio.

Universal Vacuum:
Archwing: 100m - 200m.
Railjack: 1000m.

My answer is based on the fact that I have explored scenarios that exceed 30000 meters, but my proposal regarding the range is debatable.

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