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  1. Oberon, best support, use him in arbitrations
  2. The problem with tennogen is the fact that DE isn't the one making it, and the lack of weapon drops like back in the day is worring On top of that, they hype tennogen more then Thier own skins, and take 6 months when a tenno drops a skin in 2
  3. playerbase: "we should give them all the event rewards for free!!!! " if u start at the end of an event, u should not cry that u couldn't get the stuff, its ur fault na not de's and they r already adding a ketch up mechanic cry some place els
  4. Make it a terminal u unlock after beating vor, they already plan to rework the market if I recall and anything to help players, if it's like chrome or something and had bookmarks for the wiki, the forums, the website YouTube and twitch channels ect And even have a Dev stream playlist set up by default on it somewhere u could click would be amazing
  5. People r killing him within 60 seconds in some cases
  6. How r they taking control away? How r u getting 1 shot? Have u even fought the profit taker? What frame and build did u have? Why r u crying like ur mr1? You complain about the only challange in game and throw ur arms up and surrender They made sabatage easier They made spy easier They made arbitration easier They made lephantis and most of the bosses easier They made the juggernaut easier And yet u complain about 1 hard thing so it will get nurfed into Oblivion like zenuka? Git good insted of making things easier ffs Hell they even made sanctuary onslaught easier
  7. It's not too much, Its how I had to farm the hammer And for those trying to farm exp on hydron... I'm telling u it's not what's inteded Just because hydron is more meta then fashion frame doesn't mean u should be doing it
  8. i agree, iv been thinking this for years
  9. new players get 1 shot by stalker for not equipping mods do they not? no current player is complaining about stalker on the regular stalker is meant to kill new players
  10. he is meant to be hard, to try an get u to upgrade ur gear there r players mr23+ that cant even finish the sorties...
  11. they should be killing u, they r tooo week
  12. its not a dlc, ur not downloading additional content
  13. every cosmetic from baro, is only obtainable with ducats, witch u get from pve only
  14. It's worse because we can't rebind keyboard and mouse on PS4 and half the menus don't work because they disabled them on purpose for unknown reasons, so u have to use the controller to open and close menus and do spy puzzles
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