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  1. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Hema Research Mutagen Sample roadblock

    exactly this
  2. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Collector Aura or Exilus mod

    depending how far the vacuum range is, could easily ruin the game this is a game about getting loot, and if u dont really have to go and get the loot itself it defeats the ideas that the devs have set before us on top of that, its not hard to get 50% of the loot in a given mission if not more without any form of vacuum on top of this, players splitting off, and other players rushing to the end are the main reason loot is lost, and not the lack of vacuum and on the topic of oxium and mutagen samples for those complaining because they r new to grinding and came from a cod ripoff game... try playing the game and having fun instead of wanting literally everything on a silver platter because no mader what i or anyone els says (and i like it the way it is) [DE] wont change it
  3. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    HUD issues

    u can adjust the hud in the option to change the size, ur settings may have been reset during a large update
  4. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Console Framerate as of late

    im going to bump this cause the game at some points drops to under 10 fps
  5. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    And you thought the Equinox Farm was all luck

    i would rather it did have 9 relics
  6. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    ps4 frame rate is still really bad

    if it can run on the switch, then whats stopping it form getting stable frame rate on the ps4 or xbox 1?
  7. cross play, and cross acount sharing are too diffrent things, cross play is likely with consoles, but not cross account sharing, imagine if u had an xbox acount and played it on ps4 with ur xbox acount, but bought every bit of play on xbox ect, u can see where this is going if accounts r like to a system, im ok with that, what i want is the option to play with pc players when im on ps4 or xbox 1 or even switch if they can get warframe to run on the switch, can i at-least get stable 30fps on ps4 now plz? PLZ? i been asking since 2014
  8. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    they ran them TWICE
  9. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Hit a wall after War Within

    the problem with warframe, is players rush to unlock content, but dont upgrade enough to handle it, im constantly put into late game missions with brand new (less then 60 days logged in) the thing that u should be working tword, is doing spies and sabotages(and finding the caches) so that u have mods to work with
  10. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    New players rushing to get the newest items in game

    because it remove all progression, witch the game needs, on top of not preparing you for content and mastry isnt a good cap eather
  11. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    New players rushing to get the newest items in game

    a player dieing from a nox or bombard in a sortie or even a bursa sure a mr 5, with no mods and unranked weapons dropping in and getting his ass handed to him in an interception sortie is not the same thing
  12. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    New players rushing to get the newest items in game

    this entirely and next, why should i play solo in an interceptor, or spend 30+ mins trying to find a team to do it?
  13. why is this the latest trend, with people with almost no mods trying to do onslaught, sorties, eidolons, at the lowest mastery they can? i have a friend 16 days in, trying to do the sacrafice... and i just couldn't see myself doing that can we get more restrictions on rushing in the game? can we see more incentive for doing other things?
  14. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    we already got themj, we got them on the first run of the drops as well
  15. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Make vacuum a universal mod for companions

    then if looking is made automatic... what will the downside be? if one player rushes to the other side of the map, and i open a locker, what reason should he get those items? what reason shouldnt he? im not asking for the removal, or the addition of anything it isn't my job to do so