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  1. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    sometimes it is, but u should not be going for full on god rolls ether, il stick with my flight speed multi-shot damage strun riven insted of trying to go and reroll it till it has negative zoom for boosted stats.... ur supost to grind, infact us ps4 players could have gotten a resource booster form the void trader on his last visit... and it ur far enough in the game like i am, u can get 24 hour boosters as login
  2. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    what the incentive, if u can get to the riven cap of 90, without buying rivens? i have rivens for the vectis the rubico and lanka, plus one for the supra and akbolto, and i have yet to buy rivens!
  3. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    whats the incentive?
  4. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    your not incetivized to spend plat in the trade channel, all of my rivens, all 60 of them, where form ether alerts, logins or the sortie i have bought 0 rivens
  5. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    just because u only want to use a small handful of the guns that they put time and effort into making, doesnt mean u should get to keep ur busted rivens, without having them balanced the idea of rivens, was to get you to use other weapons
  6. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Mecha mod set precept don't work on boss

    most abilities arnt meant to work on bosses
  7. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    its broken for us, and its the weekend so they cant fix it
  8. that those 2 things are from the great war, and are not greneer or corpus?
  9. the word your looking for is infested... they even have 5 bosses they r working on a 4th tho... sentient
  10. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Regarding Revenant's Awful Enthrall

    they already leave spires that boost ur stats while standing in them, and also damage enemies, and also pull agro, they arnt useless
  11. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    i heard xbox is having the same issue, i assume they r the same server
  12. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    now if only me and my clan mates could evne get the drops, after watching 24 hours of streams, using twitch on ps4, the ps4 browser and even using a laptop to no avail past the first 4 drops i got... and some of my clan mates got 0 drops
  13. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Fetch vs. Chesa's Retrieve

    yes please!!!
  14. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Self Nuke Weapon Feedback/Thought

    this is a common thread, that people cnat use self damage weapons..... and want self damage gone... but it was added for a reason!