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  1. if i can go from 0 samples to the resurch being done in less then 2 days with an inactive clan, then idk wtf the issue is... its not a single weapon for a single player, or even a single one time use blueprint, its a reusable blueprint that only costs new clan member, or hell people hat didn't even help, credits to acquire
  2. u dont have to stay, that's misinformation, they addressed it in a patch and gave eveyrone that had left a relay erly the creds they were meant to get
  3. we finished the health restored FIRST if u think its alot ur delusional
  4. or cyphers also for those complaining about the cost my clan did all but the shield restores in a single day, and there was only 3 of us in storm clan... u guys got no excuses
  5. its 30 mins for 1/21st of a maxed arcane, that's assuming u have none of the arcane because u hated the fact that u had time limits on eidolons like me 30x21 = 630 mins over 10 hours
  6. there is more then 1 pods on the moon.... and in chains of harro, its evne said that every tenno will have to deal with a thing on top of you fighting a tenno....
  7. there is no option to join up with a crew, u have to be in a squad before u start the mission...
  8. condition overload is capped at 3 stacks, and they have to be 3 different status effects, and it only affects base damage that means it gives u 360% base damage but u have to land at least 3 status first, when the enemy should already be dead even if u had 200% tatus, there is a high chance to proc the same element twice wich would only be 1 stack for condition overload not 2
  9. u mean viral heat and its been proven in tests vs level 165s and probably railjack enemies that even with the cap of 3.5x multiplier that corrosive is better whats better, 3.5x ur damage when its being lowered by 95% or 1x ur damage when its being lowered by 20%? but again that's only in railjack atm that ur see that as an issue otherwise ur fully correct that viral is better in literly every other situation, but u still have to build stacks like u would corrosive
  10. if u play thru the sands of inaros quest, he was controlled by an operator(this doesn't mean it was a tenno because we don't know), and when they tried to wake up inaros because the orokin sent the infestation to wipe out everyone on mars, the owner of the warframe almost didn't show up because he was in argument with the orokin on how they were doing things and didn't know they even sent the infestation, he got there just in time to cause a sand storm that destroyed the infestation, baro ki'teer was there when it happened, and was saved by inaros
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