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  1. DE please make polarized slot's polarity changeable

    so what your basically doing is removing the choice of polarity for the slots, and making a universal 50% cost slot the point of forma is to make u sacrafice so that u build 2 of the weapon to polymerize if u want a different builds if u want a new m,ore powerful build because u have new more powerful mods, you should have to sacrifice to make it more powerful, it shouldn't jsut be a free upgrade because u now have the mods and can slap them on anything that had been forma'd your bypassing the forma system entirely and its there for a reason, to make u take the time and decide if a forma is worth it and if so, why would u want it on the weapon, rather then throwing 5 on everything without thinking of why the fact you can only build 1 a day, on top of the polarity choice is to make u work for what you want, imagine if u could build 4 a day, imagine if u have universal polarity slots, and image if que up items in the foundry to auto build and claim.... at that point, you would only need to grind the resources, and if your in a clan could just have a friend with a necros taxi u to get the cells and u could clear most if not all of the game in 1/3 of the time once you had enough forma, hell u might not even need catalysts at that point my point is, ud be making the game more brain dead, and way too easy that even the 12 year olds would clear the game in record time, get board and uninstall, let alone anyone else, in fact i predict the game would flat out die
  2. infinite stuff whit plat

  3. Mag is underpowered after revisit.

    you dont stand inside the bubble at all.... replay mag and get good instead of complaining that u suck with a warframe and asking for buffs that it doesn't need
  4. Solar Rail

    dojo updates that arnt for decorations or more lab stuff? your mad~!!!!!!! but really i want to see them fix rails :u
  5. Confused praise of optimization.

    did u try leaving direct x enabled, and setting it to low, because thats where the optimizations are
  6. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    it is on twich, www.twich.tv/warframe 2pm eastern time (us and canada) if u happen to not have time to watch it when its live, u can also watchit on youtube after the stream is over, thier youtube is playwarframe
  7. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    yes please, iv been wanting one forever for ivara the braton and lato r returning with te relay event but i would also like to know when they showed concept art of the sentient planet and of some of the enemies a while back, so yes they have plans Q: with the lack of dojo updates other then weapons, will we see any upgrads to dojos soon? Q: i know this was asked by other people, but what about primary and secondary zaw type weapons?
  8. winter solstice items timer

    well the sale was to last untill January 4th, and the items would have been removed next week, they would have already gotten the plat and the items back on new years day
  9. winter solstice items timer

    My friend was going to buy plat on January first when they got paid. The plat sale on ps4 ended early and they are waiting for later today to get plat. the timer was changed instead of ending next week, to end just as the plat sale restarts... Is there a reason for this? As it stand, they will not be able to get the solstice items.
  10. We should be able to rebuild destroyed relays.

    the point was when they r finished, the players would vote on what they would look like, and have them built that way
  11. Mandatory Mods that should be removed?

    incase ur not reading correctly the idea is to force 2 manditory mods to be removed from the game the bonus from 1 of them added to the weapon as it levels up so that low mastery players arnt penalized for not having endo as they level up thier gun then converting the existing slot into a utility slot that is unlocked as the gun levels up rather then outright lowering mod slots, then pop up a alert for fully built formas
  12. Mandatory Mods that should be removed?

    not if the slots they were in end up getting changed to exilus mod slots then u wont have the 2 slots becoming over powered if stuff like reload rate, magazine capacity, zoom ect went into those slots then it wouldn't be an issue, even mutation mods would be acceptable
  13. Mandatory Mods that should be removed?

    see if utility mods got an exislis change so that they could go into the 2 slots where u would put serration ect and other mods couldn't go there on top of serration ect being removed, then we would be fine also multi-shot needs to be changed in how it works so that it doesn't truly add damage or has some drawback now this seems like a nurf but it isnt as bad as it sounds
  14. Requesting mod (Harvester)

    but not all mods are acquired in the same way some r in bounties some r dropped by recurring event bosses some r given out by baro some r dropped by normal mobs some r dropped in the arenas some are in the syndicates (like heios's other mod)
  15. Requesting mod (Harvester)

    would this be effected by line of site? how would this be acquired? would it only work on helios?