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  1. Typo and with weeping wounds currently everything has 100% status
  2. If a melee weapon has 100% status u don't even need to switch weapons and can 3 hit anything
  3. they were working on a competitive pve mode known as the index, back in 2016, it was never finish and what we finally got wasnt even close to what they even mentioned the mode would be like, in fact it would have been gambit before gambit and have clan competition
  4. you get ur oporator to fight shadow stalker
  5. i use him alot cause he is a good frame lol, u can soul punch new player back to life :3
  6. if u get 60% now, per status and get 5 status thats 300% correct? what if the base damage is now 3x the amount(witch has been proven to be the case in this thread alone)? and co now does 120% per status? is it then a nurf?
  7. how long does it take to get to 140 in kuva survival ? more then 1 hour? if so then ur meant to die the devs expect players to leave the mission at the 30 min "bite sized content" mark
  8. by higher levels what do u mean? level 200? cause thats meant to kill everything not just ur loki
  9. I have a better idea, stop mentioning hema I also have a second idea: Add in nightmare type missions that pop up on nodes that you can do for a small amount of nightwave standing and some of the rare resource of the planet
  10. Press the melee button to melee... Aka void blast
  11. The problem is that 2 many players complain about too hard when a endgame activity is added and should just STFU End game means end game, not baby mode
  12. u cant always shoot the drone because they sometimes outside of a room above the doorway or even inside the ceiling , and in low level missions, shields recharge on ur warframe health does not, and maybe he does not have an endless supply of stuff to make pads guys? 4000 hours in, i kinda know what im talking about
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