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  1. These flying ships are overpowered

    your using ember ur shooting at a ship ur dieing ITS WORKING AS INTENDED again, your ember is 30 vs a level 50 ship, ever stood near the corpus drop ships?
  2. Thoughts on the clan reward and affinity system.

    how do u harrow?
  3. Thoughts on the clan reward and affinity system.

    lol, chill brawh all im saying is, assuming they dont add clan only resurch ever again, witch is fine, but if they add no meaningful rewards then no one will do the event look at what was happening to the relay events with the formorian and razzerback, people only did it till they got the prizes and almost got the relay killed for not doing it. people want progression, and events that don't add anything meaningful will be ignored by the player base
  4. Thoughts on the clan reward and affinity system.

    ur damn right we dont get it because doing events for items, is what u do, and without incentive... also there is mastery that u cant get atm....
  5. Thoughts on the clan reward and affinity system.

    you, can, get, for, free, ignis wraith..... sas for other event weapons, imagin if there were no event prizes because "cant get later"
  6. Thoughts on the clan reward and affinity system.

    the blueprint is tradeable, and a lot of clans that had them were handing them out for free for months even if u didnt get it as resurch, u could have still got the bp from the event like i did... ifu started late and missed an event, then that's ur fault, and the weapons from events arnt mandatory to play the game eather, they r incentive to play regularly stop being mad
  7. stop using heavy cal on boltor? ur welcome
  8. lets nurf mag more by removing projectiles.... lets remove skill because fk u? lets copy other games because y?
  9. Mastery Rank 24hours lock down

    "I want free mastery!" Fixed.
  10. Argon Scope

    vulcar wraith mostly when PoE happens do to the changes with zoom levels if i had a riven i wouldn't need it at all, but then again riven rng is a thing
  11. Argon Scope

    so when a sniper can't get over 50% crit chance, another crit mod is bad? specifically when ul get 70% more head-shot damage with the supposed changes to vulkar (wraith)? im asking specifically with the forced head-shots and ur right, outside of sniper rifles, its not needed as much granted its 1 head-shot that boosts for 9 secs
  12. Argon Scope

    will it come back now with the incentive of head-shots with sniper rifles?
  13. Incoming Energy Crisis (POE)

    its not about being squishy or not its about bad players saying they need to spam overpowered abilities to win and that vets need for some reason to be in level 200 missions, because challenge, but also need the same spam that makes the game 2 easy and blame the game for having broken scaling that is there to force u to not be playing level 200s
  14. Incoming Energy Crisis (POE)

    but your not really justifying anything if a frame gets one shot, it needs to stop an entire wall of enemies, witch means it has to use an op ability to do so, and if it can spamm it to the point it can servive because of energy overflow, then what should we do to fix it? if inf energy isnt a problem to you, and being in a level 200 area that u should be is ok then how do we sort out what is ok and what isnt and on the topic of sorties, the challenges r meant to force u to chose gear for the situation, if ur banshee isnt the right choise, u dont chose it do you?