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  1. the names of the categories dont match the items in them for starters
  2. to be fair its only 1 hour but i understand and at least it is only a decoration, not a mastery item
  3. those people are the people i dislike the most, the "i need everything even if it just a unlockable cosmetic" but don't want to work for it and no, 0.2% drop chance isn the same thing
  4. we get 3-5 weapons every 6 months.... with the work on story based open world content we went from 3-6 weapons a month.... we are barely given anything to grind for, and when we do they set it to 0.2% chance to even get for some of it we dont want new content, we just want to be rewarded for doing the content we have that a has no reward new syndicate rewards now cost plat as of the last update
  5. mag is good for everything... mag imo is better then rhino outside of boosting damage for bosses that are immune to powers without using augments, or archanes u cant get past 10k iron skin, and that gets deleted instantly in steel path because it has no resistances and no armor rating for damage reduction so 10k armor acts more like 2k hp or less the reason he doesn't get a rework is do to the fact 1337 uber meta players have all the augments and all the archanes and are syaing he is fine, but dont understand that he isn't fine, that he is utter crap outside of roar yes i
  6. its always recommended to screenshot ur build before u ask for help and post it along side ur question
  7. then stop gong to eso and play the game ffs
  8. hot take, every other post is about how its hard to gain energy reliably.... im in the camp that there is too much energy
  9. he didnt even need to do fishing for the spines, both the vaults and the monoliths give the required mats for rank up lmao
  10. we got the same patch and it sucks lol, its almost as bad as before the patch
  11. if u get suck as operator u lose all drops and exp, but keep bounty rewards
  12. u can also get stuck in operator when transferring out of ur mech which results in having no archanes on ur operator, and healing not affect u as well, and u cant go back to ur warframe or use gear wheel
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