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  1. Remove Onslaught until Host Migration problem is gone

    connection issues normally are the players fault....
  2. Changing AABC reward system

    but if u have it, is getting more of a thing that u only need 1 of that was rewarding only once worth it? i agree mods shouldn't be in rotation tho on some game modes, and other older areas need more rewards in general
  3. Changing AABC reward system

    think about it, if u got the stuff u wanted right away, and had no reason to keep trying, then what would u do next? they would lose most of the playerbase if players had instantly got everything
  4. You Killed Ember

    croud controll that was an aura, that took no tought, that took no skill, that made u lock rooms... that was perfectly ballanced, the issue isnt that the issue wasnt even the fact u couldnt clear exterminates it was the fact that u could watch an entire show on netflx while ur ember danced in a defense mission, and had 99% damage up to wave 40 is why the range got nearfed, no go take a seat and learn how the game is played before u complain about things u dont understand banshee almost got the same treatment too, and probably should have got nerfed into oblivion
  5. exchange system

    yes please
  6. Which is the best frame to clear enemies fast?

    the best afk farm is called and irl job... it gives the most plat if u want to afk, then do it for real insted of ruining the game for the rest of us
  7. I HATE THAT YOU GUYS CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO USE A RIFLE! lets iignore 1 entire class of weapons because we only want to only press E liked noobs then blame DE when its our fault that we couldn't use our mouse this is not dynasty worriers
  8. WIP Sniper replacement model

    as other people have said, not enough brick to it xD

    thats what has been bothering me as well
  10. Plains of eidolon blocking Mars junction

    yeah and it would be nice to see some chnages
  11. Plains of eidolon blocking Mars junction

    can u please restructure earth to not force progression to be locked behind the plains.... and to have a better explanation of how to "exit" the plains if they want of have the node finished the issue here is that it is not explained on how to complete the node, there isnt a quest mentioned u have to do, or a person u have to talk to, its literally just stalling some players if u can integrate it better, it would fix the issues, but as it stands its just there to confuse players, and the junction doesnt say on the plains, its says on earth for the frontier grineer witch doesnt help eather
  12. Is the Cipher X10 Requirments Wrong?

    u can get 500k in 1 mission
  13. u, got to be kidding me... its the most gun in the game....
  14. so how was hsooting them not working? exaulted blade is ranged... slash dash makes you amune to damage and status... radial blind stop them from moving so u cna back up and shoot them.. radial javalin just kills them outright....