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  1. or they can stop releasing upates on pc that are buggy and then go on vacation the same week.... just a thought
  2. there is no cooldown to respawn the mech unless it got destroyed... do you even plan this game?
  3. i used octavia and only had to us my nukor to kill the drones and nullifier bubbles, the wub dub killed everything els, on top of being invis so no one targeted me there will be so muc life support on the map, that u literally cant run out make sure ur wub dub is in the middle of the map tho
  4. it is a filter issue if u filter the mods then remove the mods, u can only see it in filtered area, idk y but that's how it works, leaving the station completely and re-entering fixes it
  5. DE as of late has lost their way, it wont get worse if we cant get them to get off their ass do u think tencent will? my guess is no
  6. if u go and do the deimos openworld u get a archgun with a gravimag as a reward from the vualts if u build it, it comes with the gravimag pri-installed and the mech comes with one as well, so thats 2 free gravimags
  7. thats what monster hunter world does as well with the scout flies
  8. you mean that de refuses to fix because they dont care about 90% of their game and only care about new content
  9. hold melee is when u hold the weapon switch button to hold the melee weapon if done right, the aim button becomes block and does not force the weapon to be switched back to test if ur doing it, try equipping a single handed gun in ur secondary slot and a glaive in the melee slot, if doe right u should only have the glaive out
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