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  1. it cost 200% more then a single mote, meaning it the same energy cost as 3 motes
  2. they changed it so it doesn't affect the cap even if u turn it in first
  3. Sometimes the market for the door becomes the marker for the objective so that you literally have no clue where to go.
  4. and having a 1 and done reward in a endless mision is also bad, so i agree
  5. hay digital extremes why do players of the game, make skins better then what you do? why can they release corpus and sentient skin that rival that of weapons already in game or are way better? when u barely even drop weapons and other loot for us to even go after? why is every other update skin drops not even made by you as a company?
  6. what ressource a plant gives is show n the navigation, u can find literally any of the main resource
  7. they already did.... they let u buy auto-pilot for ur guns and ship so that it aimbots and nukes everything you been living under a rock tenno
  8. its cool that u can even rebind the controls, while ps4 cant and had keyboard and mouse support for games as far back as the ps1.....
  9. trophies r just bragging rights can u shoot a trophy? can u wear a trophy? can u display it outside ur profile on psn so people can see it outside of when u get it? do trophies give mastery?
  10. on ps4 its the complete opposite, players just jump on the objectives sooo fast and no one defends the ship lol
  11. how do u hit the shield drown, when ts behind the shield in the first place?
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