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  1. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    gravimag and uranus tile consistency

    y does an arcgun work under water? y cant i use an arcgun outside of water and space with an arcwing? what does a gravimag do (there is no lore in what it does) y does land and space have totally different stats? i would like to see arc-gun and arc-wing usable at the same time on land (open world only? ) i would also like to see arc-wings not being forced as only transportation, there are very little arc-wing missions and ur taking the longest amount of time u can to release arc-wing content... gravimag use is the first update in 3 years when amesha was released! and dont tell me experimental flight was a real update ether!
  2. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    The Mysterious Case of Nora Night

    well then
  3. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    The Scaling Renaissance

    you do realize that before 60/60 mods the enemy cap was 60 right?
  4. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Baruuk has a "delay time" to spawn a specter

    were u the host?
  5. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    ability to build land based dojos

    me and a clan member had a dissolution about the option to build forward basses on planets or asteroids the construction would be close to what we have now for dojos but would use a different tile-set per planet and you would have to "capture" the node first (clans would not be fighting over nodes in this case) you would already need a hanger and a railjack ship made before u could do any of this, and u would have ot pay resources to build a dry-dock as a starting tile research would be based on the location its built on and u would only get one lab (plus the option to build the labs that the main dojo has but the rooms would look different do to the tile set) and when i say a huge amount of resources, we r talking more then hema for the dry-dock starting tile
  6. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Why shouldn't these weekend wars be all year round?

    they r only useless if u have the frame, and u can always sell them for plat
  7. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Why do you keep adding arbitrary clear triggers for kickbot?

    because ur trying to recruit outside of recruiting, so u get cleared... think about what u just said for a moment...
  8. I was thinking the same thing in the orb fight like y even have archwings at this point?
  9. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Each Focus needs a way to provide energy (with certain conditions)

    i do more damage with shotguns then i do with most melee, and dont bring acolyte mods into this, cause we damn well know meme strike needs to be removed and most frames die instantly in the profit taker orb fight vazarin is what im using atm to heal with on top of the fact i can heal defense points and remove status, and also instantly revive players are we even playing the same game braw?
  10. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Inability to equip Firestorm and Terminal Velocity on Simulor

    me ether edit: terminal velocity works but firestorm does not, i just checked
  11. U can make the bus bigger but as for text I don't think u can
  12. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Healing Mods

    Maximized Ability Strength increases health regeneration to 256 per second. Without Energy Conversion and Growing Power, increases health regeneration to 218 per second. Increases cost to 77.5 energy. Reduces duration to 29 seconds
  13. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    The Scaling Renaissance

    People r under the assumption that players don't have a gear score, but they do
  14. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Stagger Animation on Archgun Charged Shot Needs to be Changed

    I agree, it makes me want to not use them
  15. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    We need more things to do with the Operator

    Or make them take more damage from void... Wich is what is wanted and the issue is they aren't tanky enough to non-void attacks