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  1. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+hotfixes)

    we already got themj, we got them on the first run of the drops as well
  2. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Make vacuum a universal mod for companions

    then if looking is made automatic... what will the downside be? if one player rushes to the other side of the map, and i open a locker, what reason should he get those items? what reason shouldnt he? im not asking for the removal, or the addition of anything it isn't my job to do so
  3. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Make vacuum a universal mod for companions

    i understand Rebecca when she said we were spoiled when they where trying to implement a universal vacuum and then retool the sentinel, everyone blew up on them and i my self was confused, even if i didnt like how she flipped out on the player base mid stream about it (made me mad too at the time because i didnt understand at the time eater) vacuum isn't needed at all, causes bad habbits and makes farming way too easy the thing is, if u can get stuff too quick then u blow thru the content way to easly i have so meany resources that i might be taking a long brake, only doing sorties while i wait for new stuff to waist resources on because there is no way to donate them to the dojo yet... YOU don't see the downsides, but i do, if there is nothing to farm, why log in? think about that when u stock all the resources that r added to ur inventory without vacuum or drops at all, with every drop just being instantly added... think about it for a moment lets triple the amount of stuff given out per kill while were at it!
  4. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    2 HOURS mission failed with NO REASON

    mr bushido code man, bring some kuni or shuriken next time... or maybe a bow and arrow, hell there is even a Japanese long bow in game
  5. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Reminder that weapon swap is still extremely slow.

    r u the same guy that made the last thread?
  6. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    My Umbra mod has GONE

    submit a ticket, adn r u sure u even looking for it correctly?
  7. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Orokin Catalysts and Reactors

    because u only played for 30 days, im past day 700 lol
  8. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Orokin Catalysts and Reactors

    the issue is that there r more weapons, then there r frames and selling them is one of the big ways they make money
  9. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Orokin Catalysts and Reactors

    there are 2 sites for alerts, they used to show up even if u couldn't do them, but they changed it to lower taxis to places u have not unlocked, u didn't have to complete the node, just have the option to select it its the main reason i ask my clan members to complete every single node also there is a warframe app for android and maybe ios, made by DE that shows all of the alerts and gives u foundry access it also gives push notifications for alerts as well
  10. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Orokin Catalysts and Reactors

    alerts only show up on the star chart when u have the node unlocked that they r at gift of the lotus is normaly 24 hours in duration u can use an outside website to tack alerts https://hub.warframestat.us/
  11. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Excal Umbra feels a bit cheap to me

    but u cant put anything els in those slots, so any other build is garbo, ur point is invalid
  12. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Arlwings suck but not as bad as your pursuit mission on saturn (Pandora)

    i beat it first try with the grattler.... idk what ur issue is.... also u can avoid them mines i think ur maybe, idk, bad at archwing? post ur loadout plz
  13. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Daily standing caps and their future problems within the game

    thread: ITS MY FREE GAME AND I WANT EVERYTHING NAO!!!!!!! [DE] Rabbeca : Stop being whiny brats! (can anyone find the dev stream where she said it lol?)
  14. the text in the ui can be enabled, but the issue is its not on bey default and everyone is asking for it as its not addable because they dont know its in the options
  15. (PS4)Spider_Enigma

    Suggestion: Holstering: Automatic Reload

    if u have 2 guns with huge clips and never had to reload them for thier long reloads and instead could slot in weapon switching speed, then weapons with fast reload would still have to reload and ud lose dps because ud reload way more then ud switch and at that point it would be as fast as a fast reloading gun this would make the use of the weapons different at that point, and u cant say everyone els is wrong because u want something changed asuming u have the supra and the braton prime u would reload the braton 3x for every 1 supra vandel reload and with a free reload while switching ud never reload, and that gets rid of the huge reload time entirely that is the main drawback of the gun making it the best assault rifle in the game!!!