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  1. 100% this, alo there is no engine sound at ll, its only the blade sounding like its cutting, even if ur hitting the air
  2. new players should just stop being new players and suck it up and kill thier litches like everyone els and before u say "but a i want to play the game the way i want" your not de, u didnt make the rules for the game and they chose to give u something hard to do because the game is too easy and before u say "but i didnt know!" you dont have to fight them till ur ready, and u get all the drops back once u do... nothing is lost
  3. the point isnt that u should or shouldn't its that u cant even if u wanted to
  4. the problem is, its impossible to complete everything in less then 2 years without buying forma, unless u never upgrade a single weapon because catalysts also exist and are robbing half of your capacity maxing out every weapon in the game without spending a lot of money would take 7.5 years there are 689 weapons as per google, and assuming u need 4 forma each thats 2756, no including that a dojo would need formas just to get the labs to unlock the weapons and not including some take forma to make this also doesn't count for slots as u need aout 700 of them give or take, an u only get 2 fo free every 6 months 3 forma costs 20p now if u bought prime access u could then use the plat to get 1000+ forma, but then u would be getting nothing else but at least for that 60$ ud be cutting the wait time by 3 years
  5. a forma blueprint is an unbuilt forma, a built forma takes 23 hours, the grind isnt the issue its that u need over 365 days worth of forma and thats not including the fact that there is stuff that takes a forma to even build in the first place
  6. liches arnt threatening and ur response does not help thy should just get ride of litch nodes altogether and make them sawn in any noe on the planet, including the thralls, witch will be the same level as the litch regardes of the level, and they should take all of he resources, not some of them, regardless if thy have that planet or not, basically stalking u nomaddr where u are until u get rid of them linches don actively make people go out of their way to try t get rid of them, but they should
  7. that's not the reason, we honestly dont care if u do, it just doesn't make any sense lol unles u wanted r account made on 6/9 at 4:20 in the morning or somethiing? we are just interested y lol, not because need a reason or anything
  8. rare??? im only on sister six and have 3 full 1s and used the free one up...
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