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Nova's Wormhole not working on new Sentient Anomaly tile set


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Casting Nova's ability, wormhole, on the new tile set does not work consistently. The portal will appear but teammates and I are unable to go through it nearly half the time. This occurs every time when first landing on the sentient ship. The portal will appear but jumping through it has resulted in some pretty great feeling *wah wah* moments where I fall into the abyss because I wasn't teleported like I would expect. The other place where this occurs is anytime I cast wormhole and the portal is near any guard rail or solid structure. Sometimes just standing on the ground, aiming up, will cause me to not be able to go through portal. Jumping and casting in the same area seems to work because the ability is placed far enough away from any solid part of the tile set. 

Host vs non host doesn't seem to make a difference.

Wormhole for nova is such a useful ability for navigating the new sentient tile set that the inconsistency of whether or not the ability will work makes moving though the mission feel awful. Especially bc of how much energy it wastes when it just doesn't work. 


ty for reading. *Nova's wormhole augment, escape velocity, still shows wrong energy color on speed trail effect when not host.*

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