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Typical unwarranted chat ban. 

Sad thing is the Banna are an ethnic group of people... This is the equivalent of being suspended from chat for saying "Japanese" ffs

Anyway, nothing you can do but wait out the ban OP.  If you're a first time "offender" it should only be 24hrs, but it can be up to 7 days. 

Edited by (PS4)Zuzu_with_a_Z
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On 2020-01-24 at 9:12 PM, (PS4)K1LL3RPR0_ramax1 said:

Thank you guys, i knew it is fake but i didnt lost nothing for triying xD

If you received a chat ban for typing something someone else told you to type, in hopes of getting plat that you never received, then I would say you have lost something in the process.  Again, report those who try to bait others into taking chat bans instead of playing along in the hopes that you might actually get that non-existent plat.

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