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[Bug] Free Roam information is missing when displayed in the Sortie section


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Sorry for the long wait. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that before the Sortie missions reset, so I won't be able to find out whether or not it'll work. I can give you my device details, though:

  • Device make and model: Apple iPhone SE
  • OS version: iOS 13.3

I'm not too sure what other information I need to give you. Also, if I do see the bug again, I'll be sure to do the troubleshooting steps again and record my screen doing it just in case you need to see if I'm doing anything wrong.

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Just wanted to post an update.

I once again see the issue where the text beside the Free Roam mission is being clipped off. I’ve attempted to do the general steps, but the instructions weren’t entirely clear since iOS has changed where certain things are since, so I elected to just delete the app, reboot my phone, and then reinstall and log in. It’s still clipped as of now.

I won’t be able to record the video due to privacy reasons, but all I’ve done was uninstalled the app, then rebooted the phone. After that, I reinstalled the app in the App Store. When that was done, I opened the app, logged in, and checked to see if it was clipped again. Here’s an image of it right now:


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