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Where To Farm Stretch And Focus?



I'm starting to level my Nova, and people tell me that Stretch and Focus are extremely good on her.

My question is, where can I farm these mods? People tell me its an extremely rare Corpus drop and its a T3 Corpus defense. But every Corpus mission I go to is basically deserted. Where can I farm Stretch and Focus?

Also, another little question, is Continuity good on Nova?

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Xini reward for Focus, though my first Focus actually dropped like 2 weeks ago from Vor (on Mercury). As for Stretch, I haven't had one drop since before the new drop tables. However, the Wiki finally got updated with who is supposed to drop it so check there.

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It took me 20 runs of Raptor on Europa to get Nova.

12 of these times gave me Stretch as well.

So that's where I go.

As for focus, I've got it a number of times off of Ruk.

So try him.

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