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Halo | Angelic Warframe


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“In the absence of hope, we have the light. Rejoice, Tenno. This is Halo. A living relic of peace & loyalty, with a passion for redemption.” 
Health: 300  /  600
Shield: 95  /  180
Power: 135  /  230 
Armor: 150
Sprint: 1.10 
Obelisks—casting a majestic wave across the battlefield, Halo solidifies unused pickups into ceramic stones, hovering around her as an orbital defense. Each recast propels a stone at her attacker with knockdown effects. Hold to expel all the Obelisks at once in a crippling strike. Additionally, any enemy killed by an Obelisk has a 100% chance of dropping the same pickup they were struck by.” 
Damage: Moderate
Quantity: 4/ 7/ 10 
Range: 10m 
Support: Low 
Energy: 25 
Libation Sphere—Charges & expels a growing orb of energy ahead of her, collecting materials off the ground, as it hovers in the middle of the battlefield. With each item gathered it charges a coat of armor, worn by her & her allies, simply by passing through it. Nearby enemies can be killed & sacrificed to the Sphere, adding their life force to the armor boost. Synergy: Combined with her Obelisks, expel at least 5 of them into the orb to transform the Sphere into an angelic sculpture—reminiscent of Halo. Provides an aura that protects any ally in range of it with armor & proc resistance, before crumbling back into the items used to create it.” 
Damage: N/A
Armor Boost: max 1000%
Range: 10m 
Duration: 7/ 12/ 17s 
Support: High 
Energy: 50 
Litigation—With all her focus, Halo must sacrifice her prior 2 constructs to power her strongest creation. From the ground, she generates a ghostly pyramid that only her foes may step into. Inside, her enemies are trapped in a temporary loop, virtually non-existent on the battlefield. Their health is combined into a singular percentage. As a collective, this health bar begins at 100% & drains to 0%, contingent on the amount of energy she has available. If interrupted—meaning Halo is drained or wanders too far—the ability is undone, and her targets continue as they were. But once they're withered down, she may conduct her 4th ability on the imprisoned with 100% effectiveness.” 
Damage: N/A
Support: High 
Range: 5m - 10m
Duration: Drain 
Energy: 75 
“Heaven-sent, and with an affinity for destruction—Liberation—chooses how to extinguish her temporal prisoners in a variety of ways: 
• Damnation — Ignites the pyramid in a golden blaze, disintegrating each enemy into affinity orbs. 
• Penance — Blesses the unfortunate souls with redemption. Reincarnated by the energy of the pyramid, the imprisoned move swiftly & indestructibly, attacking their own kind before combusting into ash. Each enemy killed by the thralls drop affinity with a 50% chance. 
• Ascension — Absorb the souls of her foes to enhance her flight capabilities. Immediately activates her wings with a temporary buff to all her damage while airborne. 
• Purify — Channels the chaos of the imprisoned into a tranquil aura. Instead of dropping affinity, this aura protects her & her allies against status effects, immunizes to knockdowns, & grants an affinity boost for each kill. 
Damage: N/A
Support: High 
Range: 5m - 10m
Duration (buffs): 15s 
Energy: N/A 
“An executioner of chaos & vindicator for the righteous. Hell hath no fury, like a Halo scorned. Are you worthy, Tenno?” 
Passive: Virtuous Flight—She possesses her own unique pair of wings, measured by her Level of Virtue. Liberty’s flight duration is reliant on this scale. Naturally, its level increases the longer she goes without killing anything. 
(Virtuous acts such as stealth finishers, disabling alarms, healing allies, blocking enemy attacks, & reviving fallen allies all add to its level). 
Activated by holding aim-glide for 4s. Both weapons & abilities are available during flight mode—however, meleeing deactivates it. Maximum flight duration of 70s.  
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I too, am working on an angelic guardian frame.


I wonder if this idea circulates as much as the tragically common werewolf frame idea.

I am going to recuse myself for critizing your design for this reason, but please keep working on it, I want to see someone else's idea's reception...as I hope it will not be too toxic.


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18 minutes ago, keikogi said:

Angel frame takes like 3 mounths. 

Marginally reassuring.

I do have to admit I like the execution of the theme with OP's design...although it is very, very...very powerful. I had debated a damage sharing as a mechanic myself, but decided against it because DoT status effects would completely break mechanic, unless I introduced some draconian damage assignment mechanic that dropped all remaining damage on something as it left the shared damage radius.

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