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Railjack Mission - Veil Proxima - Can't find any Exo Taktis or Exo Cutter to spawn


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I have tried to play to all the Skirmish mission in Viel Proxima but all Exo Takis and Exo Cutter spawned are the elite version even on the lowest level node.

How am i suppose to farm and get Zetki Predator and Zetki Section Density.

I understand that this bug has been fixed in PC and compile to the current update of console Empyrean update 27.0.5.

If not, the bug still persist or if other play able to get them to spawn in console, please let me know.

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From what I've read you need to be 7-8 RJ rank for these to still show up, I'm not 100%, I still need codex scans for the normal Exos, this needs to be fixed, or I'm totally getting something wrong after running all nodes and only seeing Elites, I'm max rank RJ.

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