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Can’t revive after one death

(XBOX)Dead Potato49

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I'm having the same issue.   Can open the menu and the game is not frozen.  I didn't get matched with anyone, so I was solo when issue happened..  Died once and couldn't press a to revive.  It's like the game is paused.   This has happened a bunch of time to me recently.  

I lost a Requiem mod, so it' really sucks. 


When the issue happens I load another game and then re-load in.   Once it happens I think it will keep happening.

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Same. No rhyme or reason. Happens on different planets, solo, when im host and when im not. Acolytes are frustrating especially. 

I agree that it makes me not want to play. The grind is real enough without losing a round of items every 10 minutes. Go into the foundry certain I have enough materials, oh wait, those 3 missions were a wipe..

Fantastic game, don't get me wrong, just makes it that much more if a nuisance.

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