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  1. This is my thanks to the team that handles visual part of Warframe - my appreciation your work is so good that this keeps me in this game no matter what. So the problem is that I like playing around with cosmetics and... I play invis pretty often if not Rhino (duh-huh, raino-player). The problem is obvious - invis=no fashion allowed. The idea I want to propose is to have a customisation of Invisibility. Ivara Prime and Wisp already posess different looks of their invisibility state. I wish this was possible to chose for every frame: either default or Wisp/ivara prime-like. I'm fine to h
  2. If DE didn't nerf the Helminth's ROAR, I could finally change it to something else that requires no duration, thinking that any other warframe can have it instead of Rhino.
  3. you ignored Peacemakers and Miasma - I see it for 2 years already, comparing to that MFD was only a fun and cool room cleaner, not a map wiper.
  4. There are good things that happened for the two years I play this game, they keep me here for the hope of more (melee 3.0 rework is a very good example - improvement in stats and combo mechanic, some mods revisit, stance button combinations changes and more. But it can and has to become much better, if polished - it can shine). On the other hand those nerfing trends... I don't know, may be this is the cheapest and easiest way of how to manage your own game, but this hurts more than it helps. DE, you are very good creatively, how your game looks and feels is amazing, fashion is cool, sound of t
  5. 1. Xoris 2. Helminth (ROAR, etc) 3. Marked for Death you give us too much salt in our sweet cups of tea lately what's the point? If you want your game to be good and fun - then you do something opposite. Your update was much better before you started to nerf it pre-launch. You could make a good present to your still kind of loyal fun base and actually start boosting the worst and least used abilities, gear, mechanics. Try to make every update have a traditional revisit of some least used mod and just improve some numbers on it. It would have been so cool, I'd wait every upda
  6. I just logged in and checked again - it is still missing even on Valkyr herself. It happend after one of the recent hotfixes, I remeber it working fine for the first week since Helminth, this is one of the first abilities I've tried and the Icon worked on every frame I used it. It showed the biggest value (amount of Defence since it wasn't nerfed like Attack Speed) and duration left. Now you can see it only on your team mates, but not on yourself.
  7. Yep, true, for every frame. Even on Valkyr you can't see the buff icon (% and timer). But you see it on your team mates :D
  8. I've noticed it is not just about Ivara, it disappeared after one of the hotfixes to every frame
  9. Visual bug when Invisibility and some operator actions and some other things remove Iron Skin color effect is pretty annoying and is in game for at least 2 years.
  10. Didn't bother reading. Nerfing good abilities is bad, buffing bad ones is good. Seems like DE has BIG problems admitting that most of the abilities they made so far just don't fit their own game and either don't see or pretend that they don't see it.
  11. I actually found a way to play without Iron Shrapnel and Ironclad Charge. But it works best with Sentinels, a bit worse with cats/dogs/moas. Rhino uses Health conversion better than anyone in this game, Sentinels help you get 3 stacks pretty quickly with 2 synth mods, which gives you +1350 def that you can keep till the end of the mission and get over 10k skin with 199 str. Sentinels also have Guardian mod that refills your shields with 30 sec cooldown. So every time you lose your skin you have x2 shield gatings, 1.3s each, so there are 2.6s to recast Iron Skin and not even lose a single Heal
  12. Octavia alone should do those actions and buff the team (may be except invisibility) Songs should be longer at least by x4 Ability to change tracks (at least during endless runs ffs) Invisibility visual - something like Wisp has (because come on! where is my fasion, dude?)
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