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  1. Would be nice to have Forma BP in those relics as well. Instead of Amber Star or Riven Silver (imo both are trash, people always pick Kuva from common rewards anyway)
  2. Now I wish for extra exilus slots even more, since I play Wisp a lot, her new augment is a great QoL augment, I use Dispensary instead of 4 quite often, and now it also has a very handy exilus augment to revive sentinels.
  3. In that case there is no need for explosives there, top pick is usually Kohm there. But what I mean saying "how it goes" is to check if players would like it in regulars type of missions to add more if they do. Nox is the best example so far but not beefy enough Thumper is something similar (would be nice if killing its weak points would slow its turn rate BTW).
  4. Yeah, may be some slow heavy units but with weak spots that need aiming and ignore AOE damage or resist it heavily (like Ignis "beam"). Nox is close to that idea. And he is one of my favorites in Warframe. But there is one amalgam flying unit with a belt of weak spots on his body. He is that damn spastic bunny - a bad example of how to do it.
  5. No, not arena mode but regular missions like simple exterminate, just to try and see how it goes. And I Don't mean instead but as a choice to spice it up. Let's say something like a Steel Path variation.
  6. If it was at least On Hit or On Crit, so that you need an extra power of your gun against some lone tough enemy like Lich, Sentient, Boss or Acolyte. But instead you need to Kill someone else to get the buff when you actually need it the most. In my experience when you kill someone so easily you don't really need that buff anyway, nice to have but it doesn't matter.
  7. Let's discuss it more. Once again - Extermination is almost a random choice. The point is to get a bit away from HORDE-SHOOTING where AOE damage is the most appealing damage to more single target damage weapons. If we have at least some nodes worth farming and there are few standalone but very spongy enemies - we can finally use and benefit from the biggest chunk of our arsenal: bows, snipers, shotguns, rifles, pistols, beam weapons (single target), hell, even melees won't need much range if there are mostly single targets instead of a fruit-ninja flow from every direction all the time.
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