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  1. "we added a slash proc to the 32nd hit in combo 1" "We added a slash proc to the 24th hit in combo 4" DE, really, you combo system sucks balls in general and all your COOL ANIMATIONS only slow things down. Best and most practical combo are the short ones with no jumps around. If you care so much about animations - make something cool about heavy attack wind ups and make all heavies do aoe in some way like glaives do.
  2. Is it ever possible to get a custom mission creator in Warframe? - use tile sets to construct a premade map. - choose the objective, combine a few, set obstacles, etc. - place enemies, set their stats, may be some scripts or at least sets of behaviour. - set conditions (specific weapons, frames, etc). - set roles for players, make 1-2-3-4 player modes. And get more tools for it with new updates. Make contests. May be add some top rated missions to the star chart. I see a lot of potential in it. How about you, DE? I am sure lots of players will gladly build their missions and fill the game with cool content (including endgame!) so that you can concentrate on the main story and whatever else you do best!
  3. Whenever you apply one of those statuses on the enemy (like Heavy Gunner) - they block the activation of Parazon Finisher. Action sign "press to mercy" disappears as soon as the enemy enters Shock or On Fire animation and only when it ends - appears again. When you reapply these statuses constantly (high status weapon or have Wisp's stock mote on you or Nightwanch Napalm in in the area, etc) - you just can't use parazon and enemy usually dies in half a second with no chance for mercy. Update: (Corrupted/) Heavy Gunner's, Bombard's Slam attack animation also prevents Parazon action. Corrupted Ancient when launching his long tentacle attack Offtopic suggestions: 1. Whenever you fix this bug, please try to have a conversation with Pablo or whoever else working on parazons that we need a pre-death animation like Tralls/Hounds have, otherwise it is either a pure solo thing or we need to walk far away from our team mates to fish for the Mercy Kill. 2. And also would be nice to have 3 mods for Requiem, 3 mods for Hacking and 3 mods for Mercy at the same time - they are not connected gameplay-wise and there will be no conflict or imba if they are on a parazon together as just one more row (just so we don't need to switch this thing if we go Spy or anything else). 3. Boost [Blood for Energy] to a 100%, please, it's ok if you make it 1/2 of energy restored if you think of balance (actually there are a few more 50% modes but I doubt anyone's using them like [Malicious Code], [Failsafe] anyway)
  4. I agree with you completely. Let the job already done stay as is but just add a pre-death state for mercy kills for some seconds. The only mod that made me try all that parazon thing is [Power Drain]. Let me share my experience of 2 days playing around that: First of all that kind of buff mods are only matter for me with Warframes that have endless duration abilities: Wisp - Motes, Ivara - Modded Strings and drain auras of any frames that can last indefinitely. These mods are for endless stationary missions to max the effects of those abilities. When in group I had to move away from the held position where no team mates will "help" me with killing. Usually that means out of affinity range. Then seek out spawning more or less reliably after minute 5 special units. When you find one - you can't use slash procs - they just don't let you use the parazon action (it usually ends with the death of the target). Some people say that any "panic" animation blocks parazon action. In order to mercy kill I switch to GAZE kitgun, which is much weaker than some other cool secondary weapons. I use only Corrosive procs (no fire, toxin, etc) so that enemy won't be staggered or "in panic" and lower the health gradually while being exposed to other enemies around to catch that moment to use parazon and not kill the enemy in the process (and even this fails pretty often as Gaze has innate radiation that draws aggro from other enemies that stagger my target). So I have 2 suggestions: 1. On death mercy state for some seconds (as suggested above) 2. Fix the Parazon Action because right now it is bugged when enemy is under some debuff effects (maybe just damaging over time, maybe panic and stagger animations, not sure but sometimes you have to spam the action button to fish that chance - I mean if the reward was +300% power str, I would do it and build around this feature) P.S."[Blood For Energy] has to be 100%, it has to be Reliable since finding the parazon target is already Unreliable" P.P.S"3 slots for Mercy and 3 slots for Hacking as 2 separate raws would be dope (4+4 would be even better but hey, u can't have it all at once)"
  5. What if short missions triggered Acolytes spawn as a bonus for some extra conditions with no need to wait for 4-6 minutes, waiting for tenno on the way to extraction? SPY: 3/3 Vaults (no alarms?) RESCUE: no alarm, kill all guards SABOTAGE: 3/3 Caches MOBILE DEF: just do all defs (that's the longest anyway) HIJACK: complete EXTERMINATE and CAPTURE are way too fast for a fair Acolyte spawn, so no idea Some Endless missions could also trigger it like DISRUPTION: 4/4 defs (or 8/8 if too fast) SURVIVAL: 1 spawns each 5th minute (each 5 minutes 3 cashes appear somewhere on the map, 3/3 spawn +1 Acolyte near the last opened cache) DEFENCE: Each last wave INTERCEPTION: each 2 rounds I guess EXCAVATION: 500/500 Would you prefer to play like this: get a good team or perfecting solo, farm effectively, rewarding your game knowledge, collected and enhanced gear, inventing the best possible tactics (fine if the cheesiest get nerfed from time to time). Or do you see the time gating the best possible solution?
  6. I regret the money I've spent on this, not gonna advise anyone to buy it for the sake of ephemera. Quite a dissapointment. I don't even know what part is worse - the plastic look or the shape of particles movement, I'd rather see them flying around in some different orbits or random, but this V-shape is just bad, as bad as Vengeful Shockwave ephemera static stones (if only they were orbiting around) P.S: "Tennocon ephemera is LAME"
  7. Arcanes and Galvanized mods work actually good! They degrade per stack not all at once, feels like melee combo counter for guns. Parazon finisheds on the other hands - nothing changed imo. Enemies are just varopized (or vaporize you). If you want to make it work - let those bombards kneel down on 1 hp and wait for parazon kill for some time and then just die. There is no room in those %HP in the game you have created. Please, do something about Ogris Nightwatch Napalm mod visuals. We have entered the era of launchers and all those flame patches make me blind.
  8. what's the money problem if ranking part disappears? Imo it will be even faster = more forma sinking
  9. I'm saying it as a mr30 who suffers the least from it. This rank reset thing has to go. Forma should be just as simple as reactors/catalysts/adapters. Only things that go beyond rank 30 should require some ranking like 30-32, 32-34... 38-40 - just +2 ranks after each forma, not 0-32, 0-34... 0-40. Warframes ranking is even worse since you have no abilities after adding forma and you either build for tankiness and leach affinity or get some nuke from Helminth as ability 1. "Why are we still here?" (c)
  10. I'd like a very good spearguns rework to make their main fire some kind of a combination of low magazine - slow reload - quick and charge mechanics and be powerful AOE boom sticks + all QOL changes proposed here
  11. Corinth Phantasma Bubonico Cedo Hell yeah! They need it!
  12. You guys have no Idea how much of a problem this is for me. When you build your warframe around their strong and weak sides, when you count on their buffs and abilities, when you build up your baffs at the start of the mission and run through the level and then you get a Nullifier in a corridoor, somewhere around the corner and this mf-er strips you of almost all you got and you have to rebuff it all over again of just continue running with nothing you relied on. Same when you bullet jump too high or fall down. Can I somehow ever get a huge QoL improvement and stop losing all I have on me but instead of it - have it all MUTED as a debuff with delay for touching a Bubble of falling off the imaginary leven bounds (that are not always clear btw). In my beautiful Warframe of my dreams I keep all the buffs and auras on me and the timers continue to run out every time I touch the Null field or fall off the bridge but gets shut down for 5 seconds (keeps muted while I am inside the field) and then comes back online - some Corpus enemies make a pulse that temporary shuts down ablities - could be with the same visual effect like magnetic proc or smth. All other mechanics can stay as they are + I would be glad if Nullifier Crewman got much more beefy and had some stronger weapons. And also Magnetic element could have some extra damage same as they do to shields, block their growth on procs and effects against fields (like popping it or at least stick projectiles to the fields so they don't bounse away but explode on touch).
  13. Scourge, Ogris, Proboscis Cernos, Exergis, Tigris Prime, Phantasma, Cyanex, Mara Detron and more of non-crit viable melees. We really lack an alternative to crits in our builds. You can always use a status primer to build up CO damage on a pure crit weapon, you can use hunter munitions and some stances to force proc statses, but You can't make a non-crit weapon crit reliably and crit damage is usually low either. If a RAW damage increase could be achieved and not shared to crit weapons - that would be a choice.
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