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  1. I'd be OK if cross saves were at least a rare thing when you change platform, something like changing name for platinum.
  2. Combo still make RANDOM_STEPS forward when you DON'T need it and make you step past the target you want to hit until you lose it finding yourself somewhere behind. For the sake of logic and common sense, could ALL the combos be like this: when you DON'T press forward - ALL combo moves are performed right where you stand, no odd movements, even if there is a jump animation - it should be performed in one place. when you DO press forward - there should be steps, leaps, slides, jumps forward We just want to control our movements during combat, not try to compensate odd movements by stop hitting and pressing back. P.S:"I.E. [Iron Phoenix] would work better if you just swap (Forward + E) move set with E + E + E, then you can just slice while standing in place and make steps + thrusts forward when u press forward, (Block + Forward + E) is fine and logical, no complains there, it makes leap forward with some other funny stuff"
  3. I agree with OP and the biggest difference of CO vs meme strike and Bloodrush is that CO worked as a tool to escalate damage against one specific target that is very hard to kill (one had to apply tons of statuses to that target and go on hitting it to get all from CO, but when target is switched - CO power is gone and has to be built up again). I was ok with that and even used some status secondaries for that purpose, and it felt good to switch fast between weapons. Now CO barely helps to kill targets in index 2-3 rounds. I just wish there was some better scaling when you hit insanely heavy targets for an extended time, adding status effects from other sources to bring that enemy down.
  4. Ok, here we go! Seems like Warframe was a horde shooter, remains a horde shooter and probably will be a horde shooter, not a single target one so: Bows need an AOE mechanic. My suggestion: Uncharged shots should share the punch through but have NO "body moving" mechanics. Charged shots should double the velocity of the arrows and have that "body punch through" mechanic and it should be improved a lot in range to collect enemies behind to be useful. And yes as mentioned before - reload is pretty slow. P.S: "I like the idea of 2 arrows in a magazine as x2 all multishot, bows are still too far from meta to be afraid of making it OP"
  5. It can just be as it is with no charge and charge for some long distance. (Well, may be charge to add more AOE for open worlds).
  6. Hi! And straight to the point! My suggestion to all the grenade launchers/mine throwers to have a CHARGE mechanic which only affects the throw velocity, no changes to damage/any other stats. Just to be able to throw it closer or further. Just like Quake 2. ------- P.S: "Another thing, this type of weapon has quite a lot of cons: - low ammo (very low) - self damage - pretty small explosion range of 5-7m - projectile - no impressive damage What are the pros then?"
  7. If I played poker with Nekros skills as cards, I'd keep 3 and swap 1, 2 and 4 for whatever comes from the deck. (I'd even swap despoil now since there is Synth Fiber now to pick up orbs on full hp for everyone)
  8. UI updates? Mostly minimap, buffs section details, waypoint(s), crosshairs (sometimes I just don't see it at all).
  9. Word up! Cosmetic energy for the health conversion, abilities' energy for energy conversion.
  10. Situational and a pretty fine mod but would be nice if it could stack similar to Health Conversion, but not in power 3x (that would be funny ofc), instead 3 stacks would give 3 casts with the same +50% boost, nothing more. Don't get me wrong, it is ok now, but could be more comfortable and useful.
  11. Add friend: Flexcanor - if you like playing as mr0 (or don't mind playing with mr0, always greatful for taxi and a nice company)
  12. Playing mr0 when I have nothing to do with my main. It is hard and fun. The only downside is when you Host something, make a team, some noob accepts invite, sees mr0, says "OMG MR0 HERE!!!11" and leaves. But in general when there are people 22+, they understand that mr0 is more than ready to farm stuff and either says nothing or cheers up for dedication. P.S: "every game's forums are full of people who argue for the sake of argue: you say some game design/mechanic/etc is not logical/poorly made, they start defending it."
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