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  1. Would be nice to be able to trade through the Warframe app. Actually I would be happy to see any QoL improvement at least in game. If there was some kind of context action "invite to trade" by right-clicking on some player's name. And no need to fly to Dojo/relay/whatever. Only a chat and a trade interface. Trade as it is now looks like this: You leave your trade info at warframe/riven market, then someone sends you a message while you are on a mission. You ask him to wait till you are done, then you both fly to someone's dojo, wait for loading screens multiple times and do the trade. When this could be done within a few seconds between waves or just ask your team to back you up. If the trade is complex, you can ask to wait and trade after the mission ends but at least from your orbiter through chat, no unnecesarry loading screens.
  2. I don't think this is a minor change. It means a lot of new animations for evevy weapon type to each animation set. But I agree that this would be cool. May be some day..
  3. It was channeling, I guess. It was removed but I wish those effects were tied to some new cosmetic stuff or something. Like weapon kind of "ephemera". Or kick in with combo counter either from x2 (20 hits) combo or gradualy brigher from x2 to x12. That would be cool.
  4. Since we have Aerodynamic, Patagium, Tractor Beam, Mobilize and similar mods to extend our aim glide/wall latch it is very hard now to feel when it expires. I love using Aero Vantage with any mods above. Sometimes I try the Wall Latch rifle mod that gives +120% crit/status. The problem is that I can't use it effectively. I can't really tell when will I start to fall so I end it up prematurely. Can we get some indication above or below the crosshair of how much of aim glide/wall latch we have left?
  5. Thanks for the tip. But I agree with other tenno fellas that there is no time for it between waves. We need something without any "actions-per-relic". Something of what OP is talking about.
  6. Well it doesn't really feel OP in any way, just funny to throw some projectiles a few more times. Hope it stays.
  7. Perfect! Now how about make this option to ANY pub mission: - Be a Host - Only Join - Both
  8. Yep, these and also annoying forced movements during 99% of any melee combos. I want to control myself where I move during melee attacks for the Void's sake! Some movements are just freaky, check out block-combo of gunblades (not sure which stance exactly, they all suck but one makes you actually jump left-right-back, and you find yourself somewhere in the back-left corner of the room. This is just stupid.
  9. I know that, I've tried, it feels good, +corrosive buff augment, but still you can always just push 4 and clear the map. But if her 4 keeps viral debuff and let's say, get a slow/speed effect like Nova has, that would be so sweet.
  10. I'd want Saryn to stay as she is if I was a full-time farmer and my main point was to farm as effective as possible. But if her 4 gets nerfed as a nuke and be instead turned into a viral status + some other effect, I'll finally play her.
  11. For me the main issue with gunblades is the epileptic jumping around during combos (one of the stances even has jumps to the sides and back in one of the most shots combo). Because of that the only frame I can use remeeder with is Ivara sitting on dashwire during stationary missions. But I'll check the issue with status next time I do it.
  12. I've also started this topic a few times since melee 3.0 launch. I also promote a quick-hip-fire from full melee without aiming (manual block) when you press fire key. (Right now it does nothing unless you pick an option to use it as a second button for normal melee attacks - in that case it can stay as it is now). P.S:"inability to bind heavy attack to work properly from firearms is the ONLY reason I ever switch to full-melee mode".
  13. Since those mods don't give any damage bonus as 60/60 mods do they should give more status on their own. 150% would be fair (or at least 120%)
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