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  1. Description: +5s aim glide - works as intended -recoil/+accuracy seem to not work at all but instead grant some kind of high jumps and low weight (slow falling) like Zephyr's passive while you keep shooting (try with beam/automatic where you can hold the trigger) at first it is even funny and lets you jump to any ceiling (even higher jumps with mods like anti-grav array, motus signal than improve your jumps and double jumps), but it bugs out badly during railjack missions and gets annoying pretty quickly.
  2. Would be nice, especially if double-tripple boost was visible with each separate timer :3 As a solution now I care only for the longest duration buff - that's the one we all care about.
  3. Same as above - NW, otherwise I can't care less about it. And there are conditions that I hate: radiation (random teammate blows some def target) and low energy. Also long missions never worth the effort.
  4. Actually would be cool to get blessings similar to mr30 blessings. Not much but stackable for 3 hours. And no other prices for that sortie. You log in, do a sortie, get a 3h booster - do some activities you've been pushing away.
  5. Anasa Ayatan Sculpture - 28.00%* Riven Mod - 27.90%† 4,000x Endo - 12.10%‡ 6,000x Kuva - 12.00%‡ 3-Day Booster - 9.81%^ Exilus Adapter - 2.50% Forma - 2.50% Orokin Catalyst Blueprint - 2.50% Orokin Reactor Blueprint - 2.50% Legendary Core - 0.18% After playing 2.5 years I can say that I don't care for 4000 Endo at all, I think I have 200k+ already without farming it. The last time I spent some was Primed Firestorm and Fulmination. Rivens don't need really much Endo. Anasa statu
  6. Oh you! Record a video where you let Mania switch-teleport you and then roll out of it. It won't prove that Mania is well balanced in any way and the dialog will continue but at least you will prove your words. :3
  7. I've read your ideas above and like some parts of those. Here is my proposal 1: Residuals should become ZAW arcanes and trigger on zaw kills. Melee makes the job done at high lvls- kill a lot of enemies and if those areas appear around corpses at melee range and can buff firearms and summons for a good amount of damage so that firearms can compete with melee - then we are talking. (Theorem Demulcent should only buff firearms, some scaling with enemy lvl or hp is welcome) At the current state of the game I don't see a situation where I can kill lots of enemies with a kitgun and n
  8. I am using Specters a lot and it is true that Exergis is top tier for specters because they make it brrrr but only when you tell them to Hold Position, so Exergis is top for defences and other stationary events especially when you play Wisp and put a Haste Mote for them (it is broken of course and because of that Specters do at least some damage and scale well with level, even better in steel path, I hope if DE will ever fix it, they buff specters damage at least 10 times or they go back to garbage). Here are a few good warframes to use as Specters: (I don't bother using specters during "
  9. Those arcanes are so bad that I feel sorry for the guys in DE who wasted time creating them. They were made and instantly forgotten. I wish they were removed from isolation vaults so I could finally farm the damn weapon barrel instead ⚱️
  10. In my case they most of the time fade at some point and stay like that no matter what during the whole mission. It needs a fix.
  11. I am up for any sentinel improvements so whatever you guys suggest.
  12. Nice, gratz, you've found some use to this mod, though it could be improved in a way the OP suggests and be worth for some more builds and weapons while still as good in your case.
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