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Index still bugged


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So, almost 2 years in and this is still happening?

New content is nice and all but if old content makes things unplayable it is ridiclious, i respect how far you came as Developer DE but if you keep doing this sh*t you will loose playerbase and money and a bad reputation lowering your image more and more, i am so angry right now, was stuck in operator, then died compeltly and bascially was a ghost in the match.

Ii tolerate a lot and keep coming back to this game and play over like 5-6 years by now, but sometimes i start to belive you De not want to fix anything or even acknowledge such things at all, you laugh all off in your devstreams and call it a day becasue you "communicate" that way.

You were high hopes in my eyes but slowly you are not better then EA, Activion, etc.

Your Fixes are a joke  by now, same for Soon™ which as meme was funyn at first but now it becomes pathetic.

If i sound salty and agnry, yes i am angry about how some bugs continue over several years, imagine if i don't do my #*!%ign job and i get fired and have to look for a new one. I also have to do things right and find whats wrong if something at my work not works correctly right?

I slowly simply having it with todays gaming industry seeing us as there laughing stockpile. I am a customer who pays because i like and support this game, but i also want something working for once! And if you can't deliver this then you loose customers, this is how the world works, new content maybe should wait once, selling broken messes will make you get assaulted simply, low ratings, bad news over you and your game.

Seriously, you not do yourself a favor in the next time, i wish this game and DE the best, yet one side of me wants you to crash and burn by now, becasue i feel once again betrayed like other companys, you still do it better then others but, not makes you right also. Don't get me started on this dumb Lich system as example, this is literally devils work to girnd for the grind to grind even more AND yes this game always had grind and farm but this takes the cake.

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