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Warframe 修订: 热修 27.2.1


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Railjack Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to complete the Sentient Anomaly mission due to objective resetting.
  • 修复了由于目标重置而无法完成Sentient异常事件任务的问题。
  • Fixed Clients Piloting the Railjack not seeing enemy damage direction arrows.
  • 修正了驾驶航道星舰的客机没有看到敌人的伤害方向箭头。
  • Fixed Railjack Battle Avionic icons appearing white in mission.
  • 修正了任务中航道星舰战斗航电图标显示为白色。
  • Fixed a script error when dismounting the Archwing Cannon in Railjack.
  • 修复了在航道星舰中离开Archwing 弹射器时出现的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Scrap a selected Armament.
  • 修正了试图报废选定武器时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error after Scrapping Wreckage.
  • 修复了报废残骸后的脚本错误。


  • Optimizations towards improving the launcher's handling of 3rd party software interfering with content update.
  • 优化以改进启动器对干扰内容更新的第三方软件的处理。
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Silver Grove tiles on Earth if you had Particle Effect Quality on some of the lower settings.
  • 修正了一个崩溃,如果设置粒子效果质量较低时可能发生在地球落银树庭场景上。
  • Fixed a crash on startup, particularly affecting systems with AMD GPUs.
  • 修正了启动时的崩溃,特别是影响到AMD GPU系统。


  • Increased Cernos Prime 10% Status Chance per projectile to 30% Status Chance per projectile.
  • 增加了西诺斯Prime 每个箭头10%的状态几率到30%。
  • Decreased the distance to point of impact that Self Stagger is inflicted with the Shedu due to having a large AoE range.
  • 由于有一个大的AoE范围,减少了自我失衡造成的射程到撞击点的距离。
  • Slightly reduced Mag’s Magnetize ‘Magnetic Pull’ strength to be more balanced with max level Strength Mods.
  • 稍微降低了Mag的吸引“磁拉力”强度,使其与最高等级的强度MOD更加平衡。
  • Slightly toned down Wisp's cloak particles as they have gotten too large with some distance scaling.
  • 稍微减弱了Wisp的隐形粒子,因为它们已经变得太大,有一些距离缩放。
  • Removed unreleased (also unplayable) Railjack node.
  • 已移除未释放(也无法游玩)航道星舰节点。
  • Removed a placeholder Beacon mesh from the Sentient Anomaly tileset.
  • 从Sentient异常事件场景t中移除了信标。
  • Removed an extra copy of Upgrades/Mods in the Training section of the Codex.
  • 在资料库的培训部分删除了一个额外的升级/Mods副本。

HDR Fix:

Fixed missing Star Chart node lines when HDR is enabled.

Deferred Rendering Fixes:

Fixed a crash happening when watching some of the Cinematics in the Codex with Deferred Rendering enabled.

Fixed Display Decorations disappearing under certain conditions with Deferred Rendering enabled.


  • Fixed a crash when joining an Orb Vallis mission in progress while the Host was on a K-Drive.
  • 修正了当主机在K式悬浮板上时加入正在进行的奥布山谷任务时的崩溃。
  • Fixed a crash when dying in Archwing if you have a Damage over Time Status Effect and your Sentinel attempts to Revive you.
  • 修正了当你在Archwing濒死时,如果你有一个持续的伤害负面状态而你的守护试图复活你时的崩溃。
  • Fixed inability to Unveil Rivens if they have a ‘mission completion’ Challenge.
  • 修正了如果裂罅MOD有一个“任务完成”的挑战会无法解锁的问题。
  • Fixed Napalm Grenades dealing self damage - get that garbage outta here!
  • 修正了凝固汽油弹造成的自我伤害-把垃圾弄出去!
  • Fixed multiple Impact Status Effects in a single damage event causing incorrect Stagger.
  • 修正了一次伤害中产生的多重冲击触发,这甚至导致了错误的失衡效果。
  • Fixed Phage Status Chance showing incorrectly in the Arsenal/Market UI.
  • 修正了在军械库/商城UI中不正确显示噬菌者触发几率。
  • Fixes Decorations in the Temple of Honor room in Dojos being shifted.
  • 修复道场荣誉殿堂的装饰被转移的问题。
  • This fix should retroactively put your Decorations back in their place before the shift - granted you didn't move them.
  • 如果你没有移动你的装饰品,这个修复应该会把它们放回原来的位置。
  • Fixed the Cipher x100 Research not granting 3000 Clan Affinity.
  • 修正了解码器x100研究没有给予3000氏族经验。
  • Fixed the Arcane Manager ‘UPGRADED’ value not counting Arcanes that are Rank 3+.
  • 修正了赋能管理器“升级”值没有包括等级3+的奥术。
  • Fixed becoming permanently invincible in the Simulacrum after toggling Invincibility.
  • 修复在幻影装置触发无敌后成为永久无敌的问题。
  • Fixed Companion Invincibility option in the Simulacrum resetting if you die or make changes in the Arsenal.
  • 修正了如果你在幻影装置死亡或在军械库做了改变后重置同伴无敌的选项,。
  • Fixed Happy Zephyr unintentionally enjoying the benefits of Shield Gating.
  • 修正了快乐鸟姐小游戏无意中享受罩门的好处。(撞墙不死)
  • Fixed cases where you could equip two of the same Operator Arcane simultaneously.
  • 修复在某些情况下,你可以装备两个相同的指挥官赋能。
  • Fixed some unreleased items being Chat linkable.
  • 修复了一些未发布的可聊天链接项。
  • Fixed erroneous floating floor texture appearing in the Earth Cervantes tileset.
  • 修正了出现在地球Cervantes场景错误浮动的地板纹理。
  • Fixed numerous bugs for Clients joining Hijack missions in progress.
  • 修正了许多客机加入劫持任务的错误。
  • Fixed missing Arsenal Damage numbers for Beast Companions (Kubrow, Kavat, Khora's Venari).
  • 修正了军械库野兽同伴(库博、库娃、薇娜丽)丢失的伤害数字。
  • Fixed Vasca Kavat Lure meter not moving smoothly.
  • 修复了噬血型库娃绕路是不平滑的移动。
  • Fixed numerous script errors when accessing the Fishing HUD.
  • 修复了访问处决 HUD时的许多脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when exiting the Chimera Prologue Quest.
  • 修正了退出奇美拉序幕任务时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when opening the Warframe Arcane Manager screen.
  • 修复了打开Warframe赋能管理屏幕时出现的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error that could occur during the Supply Sabotage Plans of Eidolon encounter.
  • 修正了一个可能发生在夜灵平原破坏补给任务中的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when trapping a Synthesis Target in a Kinetic Siphon Trap.
  • 修正了在动能吸收陷阱中捕获结合目标时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when the Kinetic Siphon Trap expires.
  • 修正了当动能吸收陷阱过期时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when activating a Survival Life Support Capsule.
  • 修正了激活生存生命支持胶囊时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when equipping an Arch-Gun.
  • 修正了装备重型武器时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when fighting the Ropalolyst.
  • 修复了与蝠力使战斗时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error related to Bonus stats on Equipment/Weapons.
  • 修正了一个与装备/武器属性点相关的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when viewing Boosters in the Market.
  • 修复了在市场中查看加成器时出现的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when using a Scanner.
  • 修复了使用扫描仪时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when dying in the Simulacrum.
  • 修正了在幻影装置中死亡时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when entering a dynamic encounter in the Orb Vallis.
  • 修复了在奥布山谷中进入动态遭遇战时的脚本错误。
  • Fixed several harmless script crashes that would occur during a Host migration in Hijack missions.
  • 修复了在劫持任务中主机迁移期间发生的几个无害的脚本崩溃。
  • Fixed unlocalized ‘Rank Up’ button in the Arcane Manager screen.
  • 修正了赋能管理屏幕上未本地化的“升级”按钮。
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