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Prime More Gold, Change Colours


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So I started this topic because of new MAG PRIME.
In the beggining there was Excalibur Prime WOW : O
now excalibur and frost prime ...-_- nothing special.

Look at the MAG PRIME, so much gold it's looking just awesome of awesomenes
Now Look at the Excalibur Prime and Frost Prime... :/
Exactly only helmet have gold parts on the other parts they don't have too much gold.
On the oryginal Excalibur and Frost to Primes they deleted secondary colour and repleaced with another patterns
Just look at the oryginal frost blue strips and on the Frost Prime he have no strips on the front:
The Frost Prime with no Primary Black colour he looks ugly
They should bring back old secondary colour Patterns to the Prime versions and make it gold, Then they will look cool as the MAG PRIME is. When I play FROST PRIME I don't really feel like I'm playing a Frost Prime I feel like I'm playing a Black Edition Frost :/ That same is with Excalibur Prime because I use helmets to have bonuses.

And golden parts should have option to change them. Special PRIME COLOURS: Gold, Silver, luminescent black, luminescent Red, luminescent Blue, luminescent Green, luminescent Pink etc.

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I agree, but I doubt that DE would just slap on a bit of extra gold for the hell of it. I don't think they rework the appearance of old Warframes.


However a nice Prime color pack would be nice. I happen to own all color packs and to be honest, if you have the saturated pack you can kinda imagine what having them all is like. If they do add Prime colors then it should also change the skin/fiber/mesh/texture(?) of the Warframe itself.

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