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  1. One of the little things that bug me is how Trin's been handled over the years. She was undeniably overpowered so DE kept nerfing and nerfing until it became a meme. She's supposed to have a fourth augment but to this day it's not in the game. This maybe minor but especially now that newer Warframes get more reliable and powerful ways to stay immortal, I feel like Trin's ultimate could be buffed a little. Originally, her 4th granted full immunity for about 30 seconds when maximized, next they removed that and cut the duration but you could still get 99% DR, when that still was too strong th
  2. I've been out of the loop for a bit and only just started diving into Deimos. I did some searching on the forums but it seems I missed the lore discussion. Anyone know if there is/was a thread discussing some of the Mother's quotes when you finish doing an Isolation Vault? She says some weird things and I'm wondering what the crazier folks in our community have concluded. Seems she's hinting that our spoilermodes are incomplete.
  3. I've been out of the loop. Kuva liches were fixed but still kinda painful imo. Has DE mentioned revising them alongside the upcoming Corpus liches/queenpins?₩
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