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Lets Get These Vault Keys Out Of The Way


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Lets not pretend and just ready ourselves for them. After Vault (Dragon) keys prove to be sufficient distractions for the remainder of the Month DE is going to need something else to get us back to the grind stone.

What better time then to release two new vaults:

Grineer Armory Keys: The maximum security and prototype weapons vault maintained on some Grineer ships, outposts, and habitats. These rooms are shield with the strongest Grineer alloys and are intended to survive even a reactor overload. What vile tools has the Grineer leadership locked way inside? Fortunately the Lotus has managed to crack some of the encryption schemes and passcods that may allow clever Tenno access to these chambers.

Corpus Vestry Ciphers: Hidden within trappings of commerce and wealth resides the Corpus true places of power. The Corpus Vestries are where the devout both worship and advance technology, combining recovered Orokin artifacts with practical faith. Use these special ciphers to penetrate the vales of mysticism and high voltage security and take what rightfully should belong to the Tenno alone.

(The Keys for the RNGs, they don't stop.)

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[Clever grind reference]


I don't see why they don't just add a bunch of these types of missions, and later compliment them with custom tilesets. Things that challenge our parkour skills and challenge us in ways that don't require super epic weapons.

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