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Is Ignis Worth Using?



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Wondering if Ignis is really good. Yes I use Ember but with the colour of flames being whatever I want it makes me want an Ignis.


How is it vs all of the factions?


It's awesome! :D Needs some modding to be effective on grinner but totally worth :D Even at level 0 it does pretty good damage.

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Really fun to play with!

Its only downside would be, well, for me:

1) ammo conservation is a lil harder for that gun and
2) since it IS a flamethrower, it will be a bit of a mess on your screen as you use it and, consequently, other players' screen who are near you as well. So try not to lose yourself in the heat of battle! (pun intended)

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Not the best at 1v1 DPS / heavily armored enemies, or for hitting weak spots since the crosshair will be covered in a generous layer of flames. Not very ammo efficient, looks wonky without Bloom enabled, and cannot be silenced with Hush.

But if you can handle those downsides, then this is a pretty darn nice weapon, and arguably the best CC primary in the game when paired with Cryo Rounds. Currently my favourite weapon of them all.


Pairs particularly well with a class that can go invisible/invulnerable and run around quickly, like Loki or Ash. Pairs even better with a class that can draw all enemies to one spot, like Vauban.

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Functions better against Infested (2x modifier) and Corpus (No armor cept on crewman, group up at shield ospreys) than Grineer (heavy armor and spread out), due to armor scaling and enemy positioning. Great against crowds, but lackluster singletarget dps. Hitting weakpoints is tough.

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