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A Great Idea About Alerts !


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TO: original poster


I think that there could be a way to separate the alerts and make them feel more special. what were you think of when you posted this?


I would like to see some alerts specifically for lower level players that are RNG as in rewards and map types but enemy level would be a limited RNG as well as visibility( meaning anyone above rank 4 couldn't see this alert) these alerts could have common rewards like 1 - 3 thousand credits and alt helms for starter frames and a fair amount of arua alerts.


Then high level alerts could be only located at "end game" planets and offer high credit rewards (8-10 thousand) but are balanced by the fact that all the high level alerts will have (obviously) high level enemies and other environmental hazards.


what are your thoughts?



P.S. to the first two guys (besides the OP), this is how we spark intelligent conversation, try it some time.

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Now hang on 

Lets look at it like this 

Those whom are low rank can get things such as serration / vitality / redirection etc from them or other things that new players very much need.  

While those of higher rank get things such as credits ( more then lower ranks since we do more crafting- i.e. clan tech )  and get resources as well.  

- Still, credits and potatoes are available at equal chance for any rank

(( rough idea of course )) 

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