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Adding one-time reward from event to Cephalon Simaris's offering


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the list below is the reward from event Thermia Fractures 

  • 5 Points: Operation Buried Debts Emblem
  • 25 Points: Mod TT 20pxAmalgam Shotgun Spazz and Mod TT 20pxAmalgam Serration
  • 50 Points: Mod TT 20pxAmalgam Barrel Diffusion and Mod TT 20pxAmalgam Organ Shatter
  • 75 Points: Operation Buried Debts Sigil
  • 100 Points: OpticorVandal Opticor Vandal (Includes weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst)

    Target Audience: Those who sell/dissolve these one-time reward by mistake

  • 1. Is it possible to reset the progress in thermia fractures event for each time it is available? So that the player could obtain the reward again and it will also make the event more active as those who already passed the event might want to join for "more weapon slot"

    2. If the first choice is not possible, I wonder if it is possible to add these reward to cephalon simaris's offering for those who might sold/dissolve the mod by mistake? because the reward is only one time and the progress doesn't reset, so there is no way to obtain it again.

    All in all, these requests will decrease the amount of ticket support for those who might sold/dissolve the mod by mistake which will decrease the overall work amount for staff as well.  
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Tbh I just wish they would hide that big obnoxius menu thingy that shows the reward when you already earned all rewards. It's like the ghouls, don't need to constantly reminded they are there since I already gotten the stuff in that mode.

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