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  1. i think it will be announced duviri paradox will come at end of the year and maybe another open world and the "lichs" corpus...sometihng similar to kuva lichs. And maybe,....just maybe some options to change kitguns.... And a hibrid system with alerts/nw....maybe.
  2. you guys complain too much....! I think lichs just need give a good amount of more kuva when dead...it will become more rewarding.
  3. This was requested at the beginning ... but I no longer see the need to add npcs to the railjack. It was the heat of the moment ... What has to be added are permissions to use anything. And the extraction must be individual ...
  4. dont worry with the trash man... like 100% of the time there is nothing there.
  5. grendel needs less energy consume... inaros needs better skill 2 duration and damage.
  6. probally they will add mods, ephemeras(i really dont care about any ephemera) or cosmetics. Weapons....etc
  7. its a good chance to test weapons and skills...i having a blast BUT need something more...maybe riven slivers/steel essence from eximus and bosses?
  8. the decision to make cetus part of steel path is wrong...same xp, same rewards and much more time to kill things.... Not a good idea...yes for normal missions in all planets but in a open world? 🙄
  9. hmm i think eidolons now its more dead than before steel....
  10. I will leave my opinion of what I have seen so far. I think the conventional missions were interesting! But applying that to open worlds has been a bit of an exaggeration. I think they should make some adjustments or not apply this difficulty in the open worlds. In the open world I noticed that the enemies have a lot of life, armor ... and I didn't select the steel path mode and I noticed a very exaggerated difficulty! Why did DE do this? Why not leave open worlds untouched? I hope you rethink what you did! If it was to please older players will not be able to attract new players ... even older players did not like what they saw in the open worlds ... why increase the difficulty of killing in normal mode? I honestly don't understand ...
  11. cetus and fortuna now are unplayble for solo players....even with public friends everybody is complaining about this. Looks like we are using the dragon keys to nerf us.....
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