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  1. Probably the new sword will not be as good as the paracesis is. Paracesis is superior to gram prime so we can say that it will be a sword inferior to paracesis. I hope it is a good thing ... but from what has been presented it will be just another sword.
  2. Dedicated servers are highly unlikely for DE. DE is a small producer and has only 1 game to maintain. It is free because there are no dedicated servers and there is no strong content production in the game ... it is a game that aims at some audience to win with advertisers and what comes from profit is aimed at medical entities. It is a business model more focused on people and casual fun. DE's budget is not as large as that of large producers and this limits its action a lot. And yet what they did is admirable. But I confess that DE should change some things in the game starting with the deve
  3. I'm saying you wasted a umbra forma on a non-prime warframe. This is what I call waste! You dont need to do this man....probally next year we will get gara prime...../facelpalm
  4. 7 years its a lot of time....its getting there. Any game like warframe or wow will see players leaving...cant go back. Things happen...
  5. after deimos its declining. Deimos was so rushed, small and a grind fest. I hope not...i like warframe but with NW the game is becoming very stagnated....
  6. be careful not to be disappointed as the glassmaker sword .... the horse's fall may be big.
  7. the problem is everything....the system itself who jail everybody.
  8. "crucial weapons"? lol man.... prsima grinlok? supra vandal? gorgon prisma? nobody use this things...just mr fodder. Mods are ok for sure...just the mods nothing more.
  9. baro doesnt needs your/us efforts....its a garbage man...nothing more. Its there just to impress benginners....
  10. In the meantime there have been 2 devstream talking about various things and nothing has happened so far ... and will there be another one in November? Please ... put things on the table and then talk about other things. You from DE are running over several things and are not delivering anything ....
  11. Please DE....no more ranks to nw....everybody is tired and burned-out from this nw. I cant play anymore! Bring back the alerts but reworked! Nw must go!
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