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  1. unreawardiing 99% of the time...99.99% wasted our time and effort. Just horrible!
  2. i believe they will do some rework in atlas and visual change ins the atlas walls....
  3. every 100k spent in rolls i see im wasting my time puting in the trash for nothing ! -.-
  4. like wolf we are in a prision...we are the wolfs. NW in my opinion sux!
  5. already rank 30 too....bye bye warframe^^
  6. profti taker, conservation in fortuna...both are annoying!
  7. who da hell is kenga? kengas aqui eu acho direto nas esquinas!🤣
  8. Best open world is cetus. Fortuna hunting animals its very burocratic/artificial and very but very annoying!
  9. And? What is your problem dude? stop stalking me!
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