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  1. I hope commander is for solo experience....i dont play it anymore railjack untill there. I really dont like others flying with my ship and some afkers loosers leeching resources.... And i want add one more thing...railjack is very complex with a lot tasks to do....with commander i really hope make the experience more enjoyable and less "sit in your chair, fire enemies, lift your butt to repair ship or kill crewship, back to the chair....1 second later....another crew to kill.....here we go again and again -.- Railjack is just terrible -.-
  2. vauban 1000 formas...bastille with flechetes.
  3. I think cetus needs one more type of event...like a big/giant syphon of kuva. And fortuna two more events....the thermia is a weak event and temporaly. Once done ....nobody back again. DE need to think better how do things....and keep players coming back always the event start. Fracture thermia was a big waste....
  4. game awards....just to attract new and old players....but everything went wrong.
  5. not another spider knockdown simulator please -.-
  6. This is another problem in warframe...so much things happen and they are talking bs....cant pay attention when someone is shooting me.
  7. the game itself for many years is obscure and no intuitive...how i can guess this if the game dont teach nothing to us players? The game is complicated for new comers and old players. This is new to me but yet i dont care anymore for railjack untill DE fix for more simple experience for solo players like me and others. We need to watch youtube to learn things...inside games we dont have any information about how do things....
  8. i think most of the players(like me) dont want to talk when playing games...its sux We just want to sit in the chair and kill ships, invade ships.... And another thing sux in railjack....crew in our ship, lift our ass from the chair to kill ships...5 seconds later another crew.....back to the chair....1 sec later another crew. DE needs to stop because it will suck a lot for commander/solo players. In true...railjack design battle sux big balls!
  9. sorry to say this but the players are just avoiding what railjack cant do....blame design team.
  10. I also went through the same situation in public games and even with "friends". Each one wants to do what they like best .... and screw the rest. What remains for us is to wait for the DE to see if it will give us the option to play alone. I sincerely hope that DE will answer this claim because if not ... it will be a way that will be forgotten. I would love to be able to play alone and in the current situation it is very frustrating.
  11. Game interaction has never been the strong point of warframe ... to remove that is to push players further away.
  12. realistic in terms of games....i know warframe is space ninja and bla bla....but damm....this sound design sux! Really!
  13. Why opticor vandal and snipetron vandal the gun sound is so meh? -.- The original ones the sound gun is much more cool and realistic! Why this downgrade sound?
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