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  1. It is past time for this test event to end ... I sincerely hope this event never come back. We want the plague star and scarlet spear DE!
  2. "friends" are just afk, bored, or doing something else...
  3. I ask that the DE put eidolon shards in other events because those who are starting are left with no options to purchase only 5 units of this due to the selectivity of the players to only play with certain warframes or that have not killed these creatures countless times. I ask for help and no one wants to go, perfectly understandable at this point. Please DE do something so that we can acquire these things in other ways! I would very much like to be able to build my paracesis and that's just what I'm missing! I have another account that I am playing and the difficulty in getting it is re
  4. I wonder what I did wrong to receive this warning! Please! The warning I received on the login screen is that my account was suspended until January 2035!
  5. To me was awesome boss! Very fun combat and graphically outstanding!
  6. its just another paracesis or gram prime....and im trying to glass enemies and cant see this working....
  7. What the game really needs is content where we enter the place or the open world and collect things to be able to deliver goods between game characters ... the prize can be very random things from void traces, rivens, rivens slivers, varied materials / resources. And extremely rare weapons. The game needs a dose of unpredictability and curiosity ... knowing beforehand what we can win is something not very motivating. More challenges are needed. Railjack could receive this treatment after all, we are flying in space and anything could happen there ....
  8. stop voting on thiefs and killers....bolsonaro right?
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