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Spending New Year's Eve With Warframe - Thank You Digital Extremes


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It may seem weird seeing this post here, but in essence this is a kind of introduction - although after 200 posts I am not sure it is needed, but I will do it anyway.

Its midnight where I am, and its already 2013. I live in a foreign country, I already spend the day with family and friends but tonight! this evening! is dedicated to Warframe. It might sound crazy, you might say this game is not that deep or versatile to be spending that much time on it, but for me this is more than just a game. It is a hope, a ray of light in a see of darkness filled with corporate bloodsuckers! But to know what I mean, you must first hear a story!

Roughly three months ago, I got to join the warframe testing community - I knew of this game far before its announcement, I was a fan of DigitalExtremes even back in 2005. However I was always sad that DE lacked one major point and that was direction. The games they made were perfectly excecuted but the concepts were corrupted by publishers greedy hands. Dark Sector, and Darkness 2 are great examples.

At first I was very impressed with the game, I knew it had potential to be great. However it needed many modifications . . . modifications I knew no money-minded dev would make. So I kept bombarding the threads with suggestions and how to improve the game, and if you know me by now you know that I make suggestions aggressively. Heck I even called many of the features conceptually broken. Somethng like this would have gotten me banned in EA/BioWare forums, and yet here all my questions were answered patiently, and every time I suggested something I received a feedback and a "good idea, we will think about it". I thought to my self, well . . . they are polite, but I am sure they are just flipping me off politely. Well, at least they are decent!

When Patch 5 was released I was shocked, more than 80% of the suggestions I had made were in the game. I never thought they would do it, but they did - specially my deep concerns with mag and some other warframes. I knew at that time that this company is headed for greatness. The devs are all very friendly, and I can feel that they are like one big family. I hope now that one day I can join such organization, or better yet create one with similar moral values.

At this time I would like to thank the people that made this possible, and that they created a ray of hope for me, knowing that this industry is still alive. May this year marks greatness for Digital Extremes, and may those that only seek greed and money fall down from their ivory thrones.

I would like to first thank Meridith B, she gave me the beta key and without her I would not have been able to have the chance to get to know this game and the great people behind it.

Rebbecca, our dear community manager - whom kindly answered my questions, never turned her back on me - and helped me all the way.

KSTeager, whom answered over 20 of my tickets and taking note on everything, never once did I felt rejected.

DESteve, a kind and caring person seeking to solve any issues you have and listening to all your problems and suggestions.

Jiero and all the other DEstaff members that played with me and made the game a whole lot better :)

I hope you all have a great time, and I wish everyone who reads this a great and joyful year.

And to DE! I hope Warframe becomes MMO of 2013! and Star Trek the GOTY2013!

Your friend,


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Cheers for all of your imput and dedication Nexus, it has helped make the game more enjoyable for everyone and that is a fact!

Cheers to DE staff for not just listening but also acting upon feedback, never fear said feedback as the community has the same goal in mind, a prosper and enjoyable game for years to come.

Happy New Year everyone!

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