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(M4D cancelling ALL crit) So I did some testing and found a legitimate bug in the M4D fix that I don't think DE intended


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So the thing that bugged me most about the M4D change is that it should still be pretty decent but the damage appears to fall off much harder than it should and I think I've found the reason why. The removal of M4D critting on its own seems to have been accidentally done in a way that removes the crit multipler from any and all status procs applied by M4D, examples as follows:

  • A non proccing finisher or heavy attack will deal 50-75% of its damage to surrounding enemiees exactly as expected.

  • A slash proccing rapier finisher will deal its initial damage to surrounding enemies but produce a slash proc thats in line with the finisher multiplier of the weapon BEFORE crit is applied with no apparent critial multiplier being applied.

  • A slash proccing heavy attack will spread its initial damage to surrounding enemies but produce a slash proc equal in size to what you get if you remove all the critical mods from the weapon.

So to summarize Marked For Death is presently genuinely bugged to nullify ALL crit in regards to status procs, likely as a result of the fix to double dipping crit and mods.
(To clarify: Status procs are being applied without any critical modifiers.)

As a result of these findings I'd like to apologise to DE for assuming they were so heavy handed with the nerf as it looks like the intended changes are being greatly amplified by an unintended side effect of the fix.

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It was of limited use (doesn't work with groups with saryn, equinox, etc..) but wasn't working as intended so we fixed the bug and nerfed it to balance it (and broke it again) but now it's of extremely limited use, but we can't balance it until the those balancers that have an interest in it come back from holiday.

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